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Claimed:Bears Season Ending Presser [Reviewed]


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Bogdan Podarok has been the big A+ for the Bears this season.


The story is getting old, but similar to the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League, until the Bears complete their turn around (rebuild) successfully, the story will continue to be told. Last season, the Bears decided to put a lot of their assets into the pot, only to fold their hand and run away with whatever they could. From bringing in some significant free agents to making some bold trades, the Bears eventually reversed everything that they had done, however, came off not too bad when getting valuable assets in return. With multiple picks, the Bears landed some keys pieces, two great young players (AK47 & Sven Wolf) and a future elite goalie in Jakab Holik. For such a quick flip, the future already looked quite bright for the Seattle organization. 


As the wheels continued to spin, we hit the S50 VHL Entry Draft, which we all know was a far shot from an amazing draft, but still had some excellent talent. The Bears managed to pick up a few solid "B" rated prospects, whom range from 6.5B to 7.5C on VHLProspects.com. As the season progressed, the Bears seemed to find quite a few winning streaks and at one point had their star young player, Bogdan Podarok, chasing the points and goal scoring championship, potentially landing him and the rebuilding team their first trophy into the rebuild. However, with some more moves - bringing in some S52 1st rounders and such, the team consistently remained around the bottom of the league, specifically one spot out of playoffs behind the Calgary Wranglers. 


The Seattle Bears finished the season with a record of 28-38-6, missing the S50 post season by 14 points and now head off to their homes to sit on the couch and wish they were playing rather than their opponents. Some may potentially sit and sulk, but for one person, it will be the complete opposite. While a lot of people go home to spend time with their families, take a break from the long, difficult schedules that take a toll on the mind and body and train to maintain and better their bodies and skills for the next season, GM Campbell won't be going anywhere anytime soon. In his office he will remain, looking over this seasons and S52's prospects lists, evaluating his organization and his opponents and looking to figure out what the next step of his rebuild is, or, if he already has it, how he will pull it off. Giving us a good look into his thoughts on the season, GM Campbell gave a statement earlier today in Seattle.



Campbell hopes to find the same success he found in the VHLM, in the VHL.


"Coming into the season, I don't think one single person had us making playoffs. We had an incredible amount of inexperienced youth that was getting their first taste of the game and it's obvious that the first year demand of the fans and pressure exceeded reality and they obviously didn't perform how a lot of fans thought they would. Me? I'm absolutely proud of the team, what they accomplished this season and how well they've managed to stick to the team during these difficult, straining times. A rebuild like this isn't easy, but it's something they we're all willing to become apart of or if traded to us, learned to accept and be more than okay with.


These rebuilds are tough because the players give up an extreme amount and put there trust in me and hope that it works out. Possibly though, it may not and that's something that looms over my head and there's from time to time but it's important to block those things out. This season was a stepping stone for us and in my mind, was part of step one. We sold off assets and brought in a young core - now it's time for step two and that's obviously to go out and find other assets, whether it be through trade, free agency or the draft. The future is bright in Seattle and as time progresses, I see more clearly how to bring success to the team and finally show the boys that trusting the process wasn't the wrong choice. They deserve it! They're an amazing, loyal group of players and I will continue to work my ass off to give them what they deserve and that's a fucking cup.




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Looks like you guys should be set for a while. Nice job GMing so far. I hope for nothing but the best for you guys, unless you're playing QC of course.


Content/Grammar/Spelling all looked good, I think you missed an 's for a possessive talking about this season's prospects but that was all I noticed.


Keep it up!!

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