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Hanging with Judocus



Judocus Dermaux has gotten his chance to get on the ice. It hasn't exactly been a memorable start to his career, but he has been doing decent to say the least. His offensive game needs work but he is very physical and it has shown. His numbers favor the fact that he isn't afraid to hit you and take a penalty or more. He has also put up some solid amounts of blocked shots as well too. He is hoping to do something big that will help his team out. The playoffs are right around the corner and he is looking to make a splash on the offensive side. If he can add some practice hours into passing that might be something that could help his development out. Right now is a very crucial spot in his developmental stage and if he can show what kind of player he will be, it should entice GM's more.


The Yukon Rush was one of the top team's that offered a contract to Judocus. He immediately took the offer sheet and signed it on the dotted line. He wanted to get into practice and get with the team. He wanted to learn the schemes and be ready to hit the ice as soon as he could. GM Victor made sure that he was going to be ready. He handed him the playbook as soon as Judocus arrived at practice. He told him to read the book back to front and to memorize every single play in the playbook. Judocus told him that he will be ready to get on the ice by tomorrow. Practice came around really quick and he showed up and showed what he was worth. He was gliding across the ice and making clean hits on his teammates. GM Victor praised him and was even quoted saying, "Judocus has been a huge upgrade on defense for us. The team really didn't have much defense and it was the most glaring hole we had. If our offense can click and our defense is on point, I know that we can win some games."


With the playoffs right around the corner, Judocus has been working extra hard. He has been the first person into practice and has also been the last person to leave the building. He has been working hours on his game to try and become a better hockey player. He has reached out to retired VHL player Olivia Diamond to see what it's like to play defense at the pro level. She has stated, "It's really tough. You have to make sure you practice and then practice even more. The game is more fast paced than the minor level. The draft experience is also something that is very breathtaking. Make sure to learn the most you can playing at the minor level because if you don't, you will fall flat on your face. I learned the hard way by not practicing my tail off each week. It caused me to retire early because I had got lost quickly. My retirement was swift and painful."

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My start in the VHLM has been less than stellar, as well. Keep it up though and Judo will be great in no time. I'm hoping to see a lot of the second players amount to something good. It's not going to be easy to keep up with all the media spots though.


515 words, fine grammar, fine spelling. Best of luck in the VHLM. I look forward to a full season competing against you.

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