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My All-Star All-Star Team [Reviewed]


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My All-Star All-Star Team





My title probably has you confused, that is good. This media spot will be about me constructing a team of 6 forwards, 4 defensemen, and 1 goalie from the All-Star Game rosters. This team would just be randomly placed as an 11th team in this hypothetical situation, so I would be considering the future in my decisions rather than just basing my team on this season. So prepare to be happy I picked your player, upset I didn't pick your player, or call me a fool for making some decisions. Here we go!




Aleksi Koponen (S45) - Tom Lincoln (S47) - Bogdan Podarak (S48)

Unassisted (S47) - Covington (S47) - Odinsson (S50)


My forward core I would choose from the All-Star game features a great mix of youth, talent, and activity. Koponen would be the veteran of the group, but would still have 2 more seasons left after this one, making him still young enough to help for a while. Additionally, Koponen's talent and tpe count was too much to pass up, plus who wouldn't want the amazing @Draper on their team. Lincoln is a relatively young player who is clearly talented as he leads the league in points this year, and for as weird a person as Kesler is he is very active and a decent guy. Podarak hasn't started putting up great numbers yet as he is on a rebuilding Seattle team, but he is young, has a good amount of tpe, and is very active. Unassisted gives us an outstanding second line center, and who doesn't love good old STZ. Covington would be playing out of position at wing, but is young, has a solid amount of tpe, and is one of the most entertaining members in the league. Odinsson is the next big thing as he has rookie of the year locked up, is a tpe whore, and an outstanding locker room prescence. 




Phil Hamilton (S45) - Black Velvet (S48)

Jeff Hamilton (S46) - Shayne Gow (S48)


The first two defensemen on the list should be quite obvious because they are beasts. Phil is a beacon of activity and he enlightens us all. He also has a beast player as well. Black Velvet creates some pretty garbage rap videos, but he does produce on the ice and potentially could help us rig. Jeff Hamilton has a good chunk of tpe and is young ish, and I like Sterling as any team could use a grumpy get off my lawn personality. Shayne Gow I like because he is my brother and it is always fun to have your brother on your team.


Goalie - Ariel Weinstein (S45)


Call me biased because Smarch is on my team, and you may be right. Weinstein is still kind of young ish, and once Wingate retires looks to be the best goalie in the league as he currently has the second best save percentage. Also, Smarch has been a pleasure to have in the locker room and is fun to play NHL with. 



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That would be a great team. Would be interested to see how they would perform together.


Grammar/Spelling checks out.  You were actually just short of the word count at 497. That's counting the headings and player names which I normally wouldn't count. Just be mindful of that next time.

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