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Members Who Need to be Banned


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1) Adwyer - he is a menace to society

2) Seth - Seth knew, but he will never know

3) Higgins - We all know who the real commish is

4) Brovy - He will probably ragequit when Calgary beats him in the playoffs

5) Obama - Worst president since Bush

6) Phil - Sterling has this one right


Also, just curious am I the only one who uses the Red VHL theme? I think one of the blue team members changed my theme as a joke, but joke is on them because I changed it back. I am stubborn and don't like change, and new themes are change and change is bad. I see that some TK33 guy has joined, probably found us from reddit I hope he creates a player! To my fellow football fans, are any of you shocked that Tony Romo is hurt? And no I am not talking about soccer you silly Europeans. 

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13 hours ago, TheLastOlympian07 said:

i too use red, i liked it and i tried the others since but have not liked them as much as the red one 


also this guy, obama the worst president...boy cant wait until november 

the joke is worst president since Bush. He is the only president since Bush :P

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