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Claimed:10 worst VHLM teams in past 33 seasons [Reviewed]


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I promised to ya'll and you will get it. The rest 5 dreadful teams are right under this text and I guarantee you would like to forget about these teams after reading this, because how bad they were...





:brm:5. Brampton Blades, S30; 12 points :brm:


I thought Blades were better than that. Oh well...


Before: Founders Cup in S26. I said about that moment already and if you want to check that event, 9th [link] place owner is your right team. (oh, poor Vasteras). After that season, Blades were either mediocre, or horrible and I don't see reasons to get more deeper into Brampton's performance during S27-29 (:ph34r:)


After: The third consecutive rebuild year in S31 and finally a light in a tunnel in two seasons after. These seasons were pretty fine for Brampton, but in both seasons they failed in finals: to Oslo in S32 (4-1) and to Bratislava (4-0) in S33. I guess it wasn't the outcome they hoped for, especially after 5 seasons of mediocrity and lame performances with empty arena and ''FUCK BRAMPTON'' chants. In other words, Brampton Blades sucked a big sausages in these times and it was a shame they couldn't bring a cup to Canada after disaster times.



Картинки по запросу hockey player facepalm



:ott:4. Ottawa Lynx, S41; 9 points:ott:


I hope Gunča doesn't knows Ottawa's history in S40-41...


Before: A decent S38, where they did all they could. Brampton was beaten in 6 games and then they got swept by Yukon, but I'm sure nobody was surprised about that. And then a three-way battle for NA gold in S39, where the Lynx was just a little bit better than the Blades and Wild. They met Sasky in conference finals and again OTT was just a little bit better: 4-3 in series and almost a guaranteed cup. No disrespect to Oslo, but the first three teams from NA were too stacked for the Storm. 5 games was enough to make a winner and it was the Ottawa Lynx team. And then they went for a rebuild in S40 and 41. 


After: I believe that there's nothing to brag about...they never made it to the finals after rebuild and Ottawa had to wait for the another years of sucking to see a cup in S46. 1-4 against Gladiators in S42 QF and 2-4 vs Brampton in S43 SF; it was an average performance from the most successful franchise in VHLM history, that's for sure. 



3. Kolari Panthers, S23; 7 points


Where's the Kolari's emoji omg? No respeck at all. 


Before: Back in S21-22 they were fighting with the Screaming Seamens for the EU gold, and both times Kolari was better (both times 4-2 in series, how ironic it was). But finals was a tragic thing for the Finns - they failed to take at least one game from Ottawa in S21 and Brampton in S22...that shit hurts. And after that Panthers' fans witnessed a 7-point season. That shit hurts more...I guess I was right about Kolari getting some dissrespecks from the VHLM world. 


After: The Oslo Screaming Seamens were done after S23, when they changed their name to Oslo Storm, but nothing changed from S21-22. The Oslo and Kolari found themselves fighting against each other again for being crowned a EU champion. S24 was lucky for Norge's own (4-2), the season after it was Panthers' time (4-3). After beating Oslo, Kolari met the Saskatoon Wild and...lost them in 5 games, making it to 1-12 in finals (but hey, they at least won a match!). And then 2-4 from the Storm in S29 finals.  Kolari was destined to fail in the finals, until they finally broke that curse and beat Syracuse Wolfpack in S30 to raise the cup above their heads. Four seasons later, they were relocated to Turku and changed their name to Outlaws. 



:ssk:2. Saskatoon Wild, S20; 6 points:ssk:


Yes, ladies and gentleman, the S42 wasn't the worst season in Saskatoon's history. 


Before: I don't know what happened to them in S16 or S17, cause damn these frozen indexes, but I certainly know that Saskatoon never made it to the finals in S18-19. The were beaten by Brampton in 6 games and then Minot had their numbers in S19 (4-3). How predictable for one of the most unluckiest teams in VHLM history - despite that fact Sask is a VHLM OG team they were able to win only 4 cups and only combination of Vasteras and Moscow has less (3). 


After: 1 mediocre season with no chances in semi-finals against the Ice Dogs (1-4) and then rebuild, rebuild, rebuild... so hopeless. AND THEN SUDDENLY A TWO-PEAT in S24-25, which was very surprising to people - before that Sasky had no cups at all. First of all, they swept Oslo in S24 to get a first cup; then they had no problems against Kolari. By the way, Sasky had another glory moment in S28 with another cup in their trophy collection, which made the Wild one of the best VHLM teams of the third decade. 



Картинки по запросу shocked face


:brm:1. Brampton Blades, S29; 4 points :brm:


Brampton fans were offended when I said this team sucked big cocks in S27-31? Check this out then. 


Before and After: I said all about that version of the Blades when I named the fifth team. I'll only add the fact the next cup for the Blades came only in S41 and at this moment this is the last gold for the Canadian town. P.S. the only win in S29 came against Saskatoon (5:3), which is ironic if we are looking at the second place owner. But you know what's more funny? That team scored 103 goals more, than Bratislava in S50. FFS! But that doesn't change the fact that 4 points in 72 games is an atrocious performance from pretty successful franchise like Brampton. 






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25 minutes ago, Higgins said:

S50 Saskatoon and Bratislava should be tie for #1


Only reason they have more points in the standings is because they have to play each other, therefore guaranteed points.


At least Brat's had full team, unlike Brampton's 4 player team in S29 :cig:

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49 minutes ago, Higgins said:

True the 2 teams this season have 20 overall CPUs instead of the unknown players. Making these 2 S50 teams even worse in comparison.

I have 2 players, thank you very much

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Good to see the bad since everyone usually talks about the good. I wasn't around for most of these teams though, fortunately, because I'd probably be stuck on one of them.


Everything checks out, maybe I read too fast but I didn't see any spelling/grammar problems.


Now I'm off to part 1. I think I read these backwards.

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