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Not 100% sure exactly when the actual draft is going to take place, but it has to be soon. For me it does not matter too much, I have been ready for some time now. All I need to do now is to show up at the draft event.


I don´t usually stress about things too much, but I have to admit that I started to feel something when few months ago my agent informed me that there would be a lot of interviews before the draft, both with the teams who are interested in drafting me and with media who are always looking for a scandal. You really cant trust reporters and you need to be really careful what you say, even a innocent joke can get you fired these days.


I knew I had to prepare well before my first interview session, so I hired a mental coach who helps people to feel more confident when talking to people.He is a former politician, so he knows the art of talking a lot without saying anything. 


Talking to people in general is not something I like doing. You would think playing hockey is enough, but apparently professional athletes need to be professional talkers as well. Quite sad, but not much I can do about it. 




First session with the mental coach was interesting, he told me to go out into the streets and ask people a simple Yes or No question about anything I wanted. My question for the people was, Do you watch hockey?  I asked that question who knows how many times, at least 50 times, I even kept score on what people answered, but when I got back to the coach, he told me that the point of the whole thing was to go out there and talk with people. I worked so hard out there and he was not even interested in the score.


I felt more confident after the exercise though, so I guess it was worth it. In the next session we went over some basic hockey questions that you might get asked from the teams and from reporters. I failed on those quite badly, especially on the questions that teams might ask from draftees, for example answer to question What is your biggest weakness? is not:  I don´t know if I have that many weaknesses.


How am I supposed to know what is my biggest weakness? Don´t the teams have scouts and other people who watch draftees play and they they try to spot the weaker areas in players. Lame that they ask questions like that, I hope they don´t, but never know.


Overall the time spent with the talking coach and doing little exercises with him helped me a lot in feeling more confident when talking to people, so I think I will be just fine when the time comes to talk with teams and media people. I have not talked with that many people yet, but I guess there will be a lot of people who want to talk with me closer to the draft day and after that especially.

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