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Winners and Losers of this off-season: NA conference


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There are so much easy ways how to get 6 TPE and my topic is one of them. Off-season isn't over yet, but there's only one big FA left, so my verdicts shouldn't be very inaccurate. NA conference is up.














What more can I say? Kohler, Velvet, Unassisted and Koponen - now they will try to make Calgary great again. I don't know why this happened - maybe because these 4 planned to join CAL way before FA market opened, maybe it was @eaglesfan036's magic: he's pretty active and respected member in the VHL. Anyway, we have a stacked team with young depth and this makes Wranglers a powerhouse and there's only few teams that can stop Wrangs. 




Verdict: WINNERS









It was an understandable move by @Mr. Power to offer 7M to big FA's: give to them as much as possible and then get picks from contender teams. However, this plan failed: big fishes have chosen more safe option for their stats and signed contracts with wither Riga or Calgary. But NY fans still have something good to talk about. Recently NY and Stockholm made a trade, where the Sweden based team got 3 S52 and 2 S53 picks and Americans got 4 young and promissing players. Sure, S52 draft is going to be stacked and losing picks isn't very nice, but NY already had fuck tons of draft picks, so the future of this team is bright. 




Verdict: Winners












This was pretty sad off-season for @brovy. It was revealed way before end of the season that Koponen, Clegane and Hamilton will leave QUE after S50. And don't forget about Unassisted who joined Calgary and that means the Meute is out from competition. Kesler didn't even try to get FA's and he realizes that it's time for rebuild. Quebec are one of the biggest off-season losers, but GM already knew that. 

















I must say that Seattle was unlucky in this off-season. The draft lottery result was horrible for them, like the S51 draft for itself. @Banackock tried to make Seattle a team who will stop Toronto's dinasty, but the FA went for him, like it's usually happening in sim-leagues: missing few pieces, that's why nobody giving them a chance. However, there are some rumors about a deal with some VHL team which can put Seattle in an underdog position. At this moment, the Bears are the losers, but the off-season isn't over yet. 




Verdict: Losers













Ok, Seattle was just unlucky, but what about the history makers? I really don't understand what the heck @Molholt is doing. Is that news about Velvet going out of Toronto really crushed his dream about being competitive once again? He wasn't confindent about his chances to snatch some good FA's? Like really, he made 0 offers to FA's and the only thing he done in this off-season is extending contract with inactive LSP. IMHO it takes only one good goalie to make Toronto a threat again, but I guess it's not in this time. There are only two versions, why this thing happened:




1) The upcoming trade with uhmm...Helsinki or Quebec(?) where TOR gives his players for the picks;

2) The upcoming trade with uhmm...Helsinki or Quebec(?) where HEL or QUR gives their players for the picks and giving Toronto chance for a four-peat;




If the first option comes in, then it's not the good way, how to say good-bye to playoffs.




Verdict: LOSERS







EU conference is coming out on Monday. 

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