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Winners and Losers of this off-season: EU conference


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Aaaand...the EU conference is up!



















I think @gregreg was waiting more from the FA market, but he can't complain too much. Only Kohler left Cologne, so it's not so bad for the Rail (I like to call this team Rail, because I'm playing for SBA's New York Rail team and Express isn't too far from it). And I have a strong feeling that @Victor will sign with Cologne and that would make COL a dangerous team. But even if he will not do that, this team still will have some room to add players via trade. It's was not a very good off-season for Cologne, but it could've been worse. 




Verdict: NEUTRAL












Similar situation with Quebec: @Gooningitup already knew that S50 will be the last competitive season before starting the rebuild, so he isn't disappointed. Let's talk about the trades he made before FA market. So the first trade with SEA and IMO Davos lost in that trade. I don't think Fekete is going to be active for a long time (his activity track speaks for itself), so Goon gave his S53 second rounder for nothing. The second trade was more decent for DAV - they got two young players with some depth in exchange of S.Clegane and Roberts. Maybe the picks' price were more high than Adultman and Rose, but still this trade seems logical move from both sides. Let's see how the rebuild process will go for the Davos. 




Verdict: Losers












The same case as Seattle: good potential, but unsuccessful FA campaign. And @Daniel is in the tough spot right now. What he has to do? Trade his youngstas to more competitive team? Wait for the S52 off-season? The worst thing is this Helsinki will likely make playoffs, because Stockholm and Davos are even worse...but maybe it's not so bad, as S52 draft is stacked and there's not a big difference between first and fifth pick, or something.. But still Daniel will have to do something, otherwise it's going to be too hard to make Helsinki a contender once again. 




Verdict: Losers












The team who will likely face Calgary for the Continental Cup...but let's not forget about Cologne though. Anyway, @Toast had a great off-season: half of S50 Davos went to Riga + Jeff Hamilton said good-bye to Quebec to make Latvian hockey fans happy. I like this team already. One more fact: Riga is the only team who has two non-CPU goalies. That's right, Kopralkov now is a backup, that's wassup. What more can I say (x2)? Reign of terror. 




Verdict: WINNERS













Stockholm was the another team with good potential, but oh well...Unfortunately it was too much for @Advantage and he decided to fold cards. But he at least got picks from NY and this is fine thing. It's going to be a long rebuild, but maybe finally Stockholm will return in playoffs after 5-6 seasons of being a bottom dweller. 




Verdict: NEUTRAL







End of the story. Good luck to all teams in S51!

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2 minutes ago, Mr. Jones said:

I'd call Stockholm winners. They loaded up in very deep drafts.


I called this neutral just because it's gonna take some time to make a great roster. Lot's of shits can happen during that time. If this rebuild process will go as planned then neutral turns into a big W.

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