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Further Thoughts On The Ultimate Backup Goalie Plan


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Is That Definitely What I'll Be Going With?

Yes, much like the PIM and hit records of Encarnacion, I have set my sights on a goal, and I will not deviate from that goal for anybody


How Will I Go About Making Sure I'll Only Be Used As a Backup?

Honestly, I'm just hoping that the GM's will adhere to my wishes and use me in just that capacity and won't try to start me in anymore than eight games. If I don't have the confidence that my assigned GM will adhere to my backup aspirations or I just want to make fully sure that I will be used solely in a backup capacity, I will look at the possibility of either holding out of my contract or requesting control of line submissions to ensure my status as a backup is secure. For the most part though, considering the salary problems that can occur with having two goalies on the roster, I expect to be placed on a rebuilding team for the majority of my career, so those teams likely wouldn't attempt to play me in a starter role anyway as they'd have nothing to gain.


What will be the rules I'll be enforcing regarding my playing time?

- I will not start more than eight games

- For the regular season, I will not enter a game that I am not starting in until the starting goalie has either conceded 3 goals or dropped below an .800 save percentage. 

- For the playoffs, I will lower that restriction to 2 goals and below an .850 save percentage.


Any Other Plans of Note?

Yes. My aim this season is to finish out Threencarnacion's career by playing on every VHL team that Encarnacion and Reencarnacion failed to play for. For the record, these are the Davos Dynamo, Helsinki Titans and Quebec City Meute. While there is every chance that factors out of my control will prohibit me from doing this, I will be doing what I can on my part to ensure that happens. By that I mean I will be entering Free Agency after my rookie contract expires, and will only be signing one year deals in Free Agency. 


Finally, What About The VHLM?

Quite frankly, I don't particularly care how I'm used in the VHLM. 



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