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7 teams to choose from


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This wasn't planned. First FA started when I decided to go to the beach for the week so I missed out on most of all the fun. Then again I wasn't expecting much anyway. Probably a tight decision between staying in Quebec or jumping ship for the 4-peat in Toronto. Right...


Instead I have 7 teams that I could technically sign for. Seven! As a goalie. That is mind-blowing. Here is a list and my quick thoughts on each one.


Calgary: the obvious choice, this team offers the best on-the-surface of beating the dicks from Albuquerque who signed all the free agents. But do I want to be obvious?


Riga: Not far behind on the obvious stakes. They could overtake Calgary because they have more assets to trade to challenge Albuquerque. However, they already have an active goalie.


Vasteras: Real chance to make history here. They barely have anything left from the threepeat teams but could maybe pull it off. Do I wanna go there and risk losing again after losing to them though?


Amstel: Perhaps staying put is the best option. But then everything else has left and gone to Albuquerque.


Madrid: Oh this is a fun one. Real chance to experiment with a top goalie on a less than top team. But I've played here with every player already and I think I want a cup.


Davos: Only to get traded instantly and let their GM who I know well from my Madrid and Albuquerque days to make my decision for me.


Hamilton: Interesting one this. Go back and finally GM the team after passing up last time. Probably would spell the end for Clegane though.

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3 minutes ago, boom said:



Note to self...google Radulov when you get time.


NHL player who is super talented, but left the NHL twice to play in the Russian League. Just recently got a fairly lucrative contract from Montreal - and despite the fact that he could screw them over, he's really talented and worth the risk. Also had some troubles with attitude. I think he fought a coach in the KHL lol..

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