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Full Name: Austin Andrew Hickey V

Position: Left Wing

Age: 23

Handedness: Right

Jersey Number: 51

Height (inches): 74

Weight (lbs.): 225

Birthplace: Houston, TX


  While on the surface Austin Hickey V might seemed like another failed entry into the VHL by the completely unreliable Hickey Players Agency, I think there is always a first for everything. Long known for players who wasted their potential after promising first seasons and minor careers, the Hickey agency has another. Austin Andrew Hickey V was born on in Houston, TX to Austin Hickey IV an HVAC technician and Brianna Hickey a wedding planner on October 3rd S29. Hockey has always run deep in the Hickey family, from the original Austin Hickey who was known for his tough play on a cup winning team in Riga to Austin Hickey Jr.-IV who all played college hockey before giving it up due to a lack of raw talent. That however is where AH V is different, he might be the most talented in the Hickey lineage, even more so than his great-great-great grandpa. The only problem being, does he want to be great?





  From a young age Austin was gifted… at pretty much everything. From being a star athlete at every sport he played (football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and most of all hockey.) to being a math wiz and intelligent problem solver even in his infancy, Austin had it made. He was very good looking, constantly having all of the girls chasing him from the moment he knew how to talk, and his family was extremely well off. The Hickey’s had built up a wealth after the family had invested money that was made from the agency’s VHL Players many of which had received multiple multi-million dollar contracts and many endorsements. Not to mention that Austin’s dad and mom where doing well in the other professions that they had chosen. The only downside was that between the responsibilities of their professions and having to take care of the player agency, they weren’t around a lot leading to Austin V to be mainly raised by his senile grandpa Trey (Austin III). While Trey was ultimately a good man who had made his money working on the oil rigs and investing, he did have his demons. He was addicted to prostitutes and cocaine. This was Austin V’s first exposure to that lifestyle and it still affects him today. Between the big headedness of being the most popular kid within a 10-mile radius and the occasional use of drugs by the age of 13, V was slowing creeping down the wrong path.


High school and Drugs



Austin was a DAMN good hockey player. By the age of 15 he had quit his other sports to 100 percent dedicate all of his time to becoming the best hockey player he could possibly be. 100 points, 200 points, 300 points! As Austin’s first season for his high school went on he was garnering some otherworldly praise. Some said that not only was the VHL a great possibility but the NHL which by some was considered the superior league was an option as well. They had not seen a talent like this in the city of Houston since the original Austin Hickey. Life seemed wonderful for Austin, everything was coming easy. In school he was making great grades, and had devolved a passion for Engineering in case his hockey career didn’t pan out, and on the ice he was unbeatable. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t the entire story. Behind the scenes Austin was turning the occasional drink and joint into very bad habits. “We would get blitzed before and after games.” Hickey V said in a recent interview. “Cocaine, Alcohol, Meth, Weed, we didn’t care was it was, we were taking it. The thing is I had no idea what it was doing to me. My grandpa didn’t care, and I was KILLING IT! My shot was so good that It would go in every time I had any sort of breathing room, which in Houston was all the time.” As high school went on however Hickey V was being invited to more national tournaments, where the talent level was much closer than he was use to. “It definitely humbled me while I was there.” Hickey V said. “The biggest difference was how fast and big the players were. I was so used to being one of the biggest and always the fastest. However here I just wasn’t anything special. I mean I still had the shot, but it was hard to get loose. I would be on the plane ride back thinking “damn, I have to get better. Ok no more excuses, I’m stopping the drugs and all that when I get back home” unfortunately I would always go back to doing it, because most of all I wanted to be cool and be liked.”  Not only were the bad lifestyle choices catching up with him, but tragedy in his family was striking. In his junior year his grandfather passed from a heart attack, and just the very next year at the young age 18, Austin lost his parents in a fatal car accident. Heartbroken and without a family, Hickey V sold all the steaks in the player agency for just over $9 million and bought a new home in Dallas just after finishing high school. His hockey playing days were over, depressed and now rich, he just wanted to sit at home and do nothing.



Street Life and Return to Hockey


   Flash forward 5 years, Austin Hickey V is struggling to pay bills in his studio apartment in South Dallas. After mismanaging the money, he had and continuing on the path of drugs, he is broke and working as a cashier at Krogers. “I was going to go back to college, but I skipped out on my SAT and ACT. I’m really not in a good place at all.” Hickey says. “However there is one glimmer of hope. I can still play hockey. The Saskatoon Wild have given me a shot to play in the VHLM and I’m going to enter the VHL Season 52 Draft.”

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