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Bratislava's Draft In Review

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Draft In Review


The VHLM draft has come and gone and it wasn’t long before Daryl Dortch heard his name called. The Bratislava Watchmen used their second pick and fifth overall to select the bruising forward out of Chicago. Dortch, for those who are unaware, is coming off a Founder’s Cup campaign with the Brampton Blades where he racked up 52 hits in 12 playoff games. His offense left something to be desired as he only tacked on two helpers in those same 12 games.


The Bratislava Watchmen had several picks in the S51 VHLM Draft and they put them to good use snagging up Phil Shankly of the Phil Player Agency along with Judocus Dermaux of the Da Trifecta Player Agency and Our Lady of Perpetual Motion to tend goal. Lee King Snatch, Alexander Thrower, and Kaylan Noffke were also added in the later picks of the draft turning an empty roster into a respectable one all in one draft.


Bratislava’s First Pick (2nd Overall): Phil Shankly

Phil Shankly played in twelve games for the Bern Royals. He was somewhat buried on the depth chart only seeing third line minutes. In twelve games he only netted one goal on four shots while averaging 10.2 minutes per game. Shankly added 12 PIMs and seven hits on the year. Bratislava’s GM must have seen something in the kid no one else did to take him so high in the draft.


Bratislava’s Second Pick (5th Overall): Daryl Dortch

Daryl Dortch appeared in sixteen games for the Brampton Blades during the regular season. He, too, only managed one goal in those appearances while averaging 15.88 minutes per game. Dortch excelled at the physical game adding 22 hits while only spending six minutes in the sin bin. As with Shankly, the GM must know something we don’t with the first two picks.


Bratislava’s Third Pick (13th Overall): Judocus Dermaux

Judocus Dermaux of the Yukon Rush put together a much better campaign from the blue line than either of the forwards taken before him did. He scored two goals and tacked on four assists in 16 games played. He also managed to rack up 31 penalty minutes and 38 hits. A very promising total and a steal at 13th overall in the draft.


Bratislava’s Fourth Pick (15th Overall): Our Lady of Perpetual Motion

Our Lady of Perpetual Motion, on paper, is the best prospect the Watchmen grabbed in the draft. OLPM started twelve games in net for the Bern Royals. He boasts a great record of 11-1-0 with a .911 save percentage and a 1.42 goals against average with one shutout. If OLPM keeps that up for the Watchmen, that should be a load off their shoulders moving forward next year as a good goaltender can help steal a few W’s when the offense is struggling.


Bratislava’s Fifth Pick (16th Overall): Lee King Snatch

Lee King Snatch split his time between the Yukon Rush and the Bratislava Watchmen last season. In 17 games he earned 10 points in the form of three goals and seven assists. He also managed to accumulate 41 hits in his 27.21 minutes per game.


That’s all the time we have for now. Next time, if I remember, we’ll take a look at the other selections made by the Watchmen in the Season 51 Dispersal Draft.


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