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:vhl:Season Fifty-One:vhl:

The VHLs fifty first season is expected to start this evening with the first round of games slated for later this evening. The off-season drastically changed the competitive landscape in both the North American and European Conferences, with Calgary and Riga becoming major players in free agency this off-season. Of course all the hype behind the new acquisitions and expectations comes along with the threat of falling short of the goals that are now place in front of these franchises. Most of the thirty-five members that have posted their Awards predications have suggested that the Continental Cup final will be a match-up between Calgary and Riga, so if either fall short of that landmark, their seasons will likely be labeled as failures. As it stands now in Vegas, the odds makers are giving Calgary a slight advantage in the Continental Cup winning odds, but with Riga having more cap room to makes mid-season deals who knows what’s in store come seasons end.


*For Snatch*


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