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S51 Seattle Bears Captains


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It wasn't long ago that we started this rebuild phase. We shipped off a large amount of our talent and some great, amazing and loyal people to the organization. It wasn't an easy task, but if you can't make those moves than you're not fit for the job. We added some great pieces, however, in AK47 and Jakab Holik who both now are strong players for the organization. The following season was a difficult one for myself and my boys. We struggled to accomplish much, including adding any sort of number into the wins columns. It was a poor season to say the least.


This season, we're currently on a 10 game winning streak, added another strong player in Rodriguez and have seen excellent play from absolutely every player on our organization. I don't want to single anyone out, but @Beketov has officially become what I told everyone he would back when we got him. He's been the guy to beat every time our team steps on the ice and I just want to say fuck yeah to him and the rest of the guys!


With that, our first Assistant of the season... Maybe a lot would question this decision as they would choose other players potentially over this one - however, I don't see another player fitting as well as this person does. He's been one of our best players on the ice this season and currently is on par for his best year yet.. Also.. part of one of our dynamic duo's..

:sea:Felipe Rodriguez - "A":sea: 




Our second assistant captain will be a little different this season - as we will be alternating the second "A" around this season. Last year Jakab Holik, our goalie, wore the "A", even though it's not possible in the sim - nor to have it on the jersey. Last season I didn't give a shit and guess what? I don't this season either. Beketov is one of our strongest voices in the LR and signed a huge deal with us a season prior.


Alternating the "A" around with him this season is another new comer to the team. He's been huge for us and lately, since joining us in the pro league, has been a vocal asset to the team. Honestly, some overlooked him in the draft but I'm even happier today that we took such an awesome teammate, person and one bad ass young rookie player. With that.. our alternating, final Assistant Captains..


:sea:Jakab Holik & Guntis Petenis - "alternating "A's":sea:

85eb15ef504e2370bd5e946d06f96af6.jpg e1TZNO6.0.gif




And lastly, our captain for S51. This one should come as no surprise. He's a great, active member around the league, a dominant player in game and on the score sheet and is one of our biggest factors in the locker room. He signed a huge deal with us, showing his loyalty to myself and the team and has since displayed every reason for me to once again award him with the Captaincy this season. Bogdan Podarok is one of he faces to this organization and a huge reason why we're where we are today. If he wanted to skip town, we'd be a lot further behind. He has the potential to retire with the "C" on his chest here in Seattle.


:sea:Bogdan Podarok - "C":sea:





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