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  • Are your stats that you max first matter more?


im wondering about this because even though Podarok now has 99 in both scoring and passing, he is certainly classified as a sniper. So far I maxed out 4 attributes in this order: Skating, Puck Handling, Scoring, Passing. I'm. Just wondering if that is a thing or if maybe my secondary stats make my guy more a shoot-first player or what?


  • Why aren't I awesome yet?


I'm like ok-ish, but with 4 main attributes maxed out I feel like I should be better. Instead I'm just a solid "meh"


  • How is Seattle doing so well?


Don't get me wrong, I always thought people were sleeping on the Bears, but after Toronto got Clegane I figured we were looking at 3rd place in NA with a chance to upset. Now we are second, with only four losses: a shootout loss to Toronto, two games to the Reign, and a freak 0-1 loss to Helsinki. F-Rod is looking slick, and we are 2-0 against the Wranglers. How did this sudden turnaround happen? I expected next year to be out big year.


  • do defense and strength even fucking matter?


i got strength up to 70 and am working on maxing out defense, yet my shot blocks are still pitiful and I get hit 4x as often as I hit. What the hell!

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  • Commissioner

I found defence as a forward to not help much regarding defensive stats like shot blocking (since forwards don't tend to do that) but actually helped a lot on offence, oddly enough. Defence and Strength both contribute to how well your player can keep control of the puck. Increasing them will keep the luck on your stick more often which obviously allows you to do more with it.


As for your third question: You're welcome :P. I'm joking (sorta) because it's not all on me but my stats are amongst the highest in the league and I'm currently holding down a 12-1-1 record so I like to at least think aim contributing to our success.

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