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Claimed:Jokinen, pretty boy from Finland [Reviewed]


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Saskatoon is leading the league at the moment, 18 games played and 14 out of those games has ended in Saskatoon´s win.  Another cool little fact is the following, in last seven games, other teams have managed to score against Saskatoon in only two games! That is a insane total, five shutouts in seven games.


That is of course something that only a great team can pull off, forwards backchecking and defenders making very few mistakes in their own end and the performance of Rhett DeGrath has been the key factors. Looking like it will be a good year for Saskatoon.  


We here in Gardening in Saskatoon - magazine decided to go out there and try to get a idea on what is the overall feeling inside the team, but the team did not let us in to ask few questions from the players. Instead we had to do the normal thing and actually set up a interview with someone. Hard to pick someone from a team that is playing so well, but we came into agreement and asked defender Fabio Jokinen to come and meet us.


Somebody might be wondering why Fabio? Well, we heard he likes to talk with reporters and has good sense of humor, so it was a easy pick really. Quite often with these younger players you only get the same answers from everybody, which if course gets boring quite quickly. 


Anyways, here is what happened:


Hello Fabio! How´s it going?


FJ: Hey! Going well now, I was struggling to find this place. Never knew there was a coffee shop in Saskatoon.


Yea it´s a hidden gem. Not that many know it´s here. How has the first weeks of the season been?


FJ: Pretty good I´d say. Team is playing really well, we are actually leading the league in points and everybody in the team is healthy, so perfect situation in Saskatoon at the moment!


What is the secret to the teams good start?


FJ: Not sure if there is anything too magical. We worked out really hard during the training camp and GM made some good moves to improve the team, so hard work and key additions to the roster have been the biggest reasons to our success so far.


Can you guys keep this up?


FJ: Absolutely, I cant see why not? Only way we can start dropping a lot of points is if multiple players get injured. 


Is Saskatoon nice place to live?


FJ: It´s not that bad. Good place to play hockey at least. There could be more things to do, places to hang out and play something for example, but so far everything has been good for me personally. I have been just focusing on my career.


That is very political of you, don´t be afraid, you can tell the truth.


FJ: It´s the truth. I have enjoyed my time so far. Only thing that worries me is the winter and how cold it might be here. I´m from Finland, so I´m used to cold weather, but weather during winter could be really nasty here still.


Thanks for the interview Fabio and good luck for rest of the season!

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Review: I always like interview articles! Wish this could be a bit longer and went more in depth about the team but overall you had some interesting perspective on what has been a very good start to the season for the Wild. Good job on this. Now if only you can get me the puck more ;)

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