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Eating blueberry yogurt


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And it tastes lovely!  Is there ever a bad moment to eat blueberry yogurt? I think not, personally I like to eat it on the evenings while I´m relaxing. Quite often it´s the last thing I eat during the day. Not  100% sure if blueberry yogurt should be in professional athletes diet, so I more than likely should have paid more attention during the food and nutrition lessons we had during the pre-season, but it´s too late now. I´m eating it and going to bed feeling good.  Going to bed while feeling good usually means that you wake up feeling good. When you sleep well, you also play well.


If it makes me happy and does not hurt my performance on ice it should be fine.  Dangerous statement, since you never know what some of these guys are eating or drinking. I have seen how they look, jaws made from stone and full beard when they are barely over 18. I mean,  I struggle to grow a mustache, how can some of these dudes rock a full beard already? 


I will just stick to blueberry yogurt and focus on being successful the legit way without trying anything that is against the rules. 

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