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Claimed:King & Mulligan [Reviewed]


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With the huge success of "The Front" many fans of RobbieTV were wondering what was going to tide them over between Season 1 and Season 2 of The Front. The network has confirmed that their Zombie apocalypse show  "Deadly Tide" and their reality show chronicling the life of VHL superstar Sir William Covington III will both return on off set weeks. Which begs the question what will fill the gap between each show. The answer came today in form of a press release from RobbieTV CEO Robbie Zimmers.


Robbie told media "We have officially picked up a new TV show called King & Mulligan. It is much like the buddy cop shows and movies that you love so much. But with a slight twist. I cannot tell you what that it is but trust me if you liked the lovable idiots on The Front you will love the characters in this show"



King is intense person, he does not follow the riles. The only ones he likes to follow are the rules of how not to follow them. His Partner Mulligan is a by the books cop that does take any short cuts while on the job or in his personal life. This leads to awkward moments between the two. While King seems to be hellbent on sabotaging his career as a cop Mulligan needs to serve and protect but also protect his partner from the outlandish messes he gets into.


First Episode Preview

King & Mulligan S01E01 "Pilot"

King gets in trouble with commissioner Mitchell over missing drugs from the evidence. Mulligan goes to bat for his partner saying that there is no way King would be involved. Well... shit hits the fan  



Max King (aka King) @KingRobbie

King doesn't care about anyone but him. He finds the fact he has to team with Mulligan a waste of time so he tends to send him off on wild goose chases after phantom criminals so he himself can do illegal activity. King is a shady yet honest cop. Honest because he will tell you exactly what he is doing but shady because he tends to sugarcoat certain details so Mulligan stays by his side.


Steve Mulligan (Aka Do Over) @TheLastOlympian07

Mulligan is well... the good guy. Does everything by the book. It annoys the hell out of King because King just wants to run a muck. Mulligan would take the fall for his partner if it meant saving his ass. He is one of those old time cops that would take a bullet for their partner because that just is what they do. 


Commissioner Mitchell @Higgins

The loud mouth Commissioner for the city and boy does he like to yell. His yells can make glass shatter. He has it in for King because of his ways but also hates that Mulligan will lay down for the obviously bad cop in King


Captain Vic Vickerson @Victor

Victor is the laid back captain of precinct 44. He lets people whatever they want to do and when things hit the fan he is totally oblivious as to what is going on and what the issue is


Deputy Jarbo Smash @JardyB10

An young upcoming cop at the precinct that does things first and asks questions last. This gets him into trouble because his style does produce results, but most of the time his cases are thrown out because of the ways he obtained evidence


Mr. Jones Stones (aka Mr. Jones) @Mr. Jones

The evil boss of the the mob... the little known and little respected Mongolian Mob. Even though he is no where near Mongolian. Actually he is a hick from Texas.


Fong Shway Son @tfong

Fong is the most Asian person alive. So asian that his moves are like Feng Shui. He runs the Yakuza in the city. Fong is not to be fucked with or you will wake up with something unsightly in your bed... Or worse he will show up and un Geng Shui your shit to give you bad luck. He also runs the local Asian Buffet named "Fongs Palace" Where he hands out special fortune cookies to people. If it says you will die well... you will in a very Asian way


Dommick Green (aka Dom) @Green

No he does not race cars. He pedals drugs on the street corner. He is one unlucky person, King likes to pick on him when looking for drug shipments and other intel he can squeeze out of poor Dom. When King does not like what he is hearing he arrests Green on trumped up charges that range from Conspiracy to commit acts of low end Terror all the way to gay male prostitution charges. Which lands Dom in jail for a few nights to think things over. 




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Review: Lol I would definitely watch this. By the way can i get cast as a homeless guy or something? Thanks. Anyway Im excited to see how this turns out. Good descriptions of characters so far. Only a couple of spelling mistakes too. :)

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  • Mr. Hickey changed the title to King & Mulligan [Reviewed]
7 hours ago, Mr. Hickey said:

Review: Lol I would definitely watch this. By the way can i get cast as a homeless guy or something? Thanks. Anyway Im excited to see how this turns out. Good descriptions of characters so far. Only a couple of spelling mistakes too. :)

Oh I got a part for you

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