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Broken Robbie


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No this is not some fucking bullshit wrestling gimmick. The headline you read is right. Broken Robbie. Why that? Well there is evidence that has come to light that Robbie may be infact “broken”


Let me elaborate, Robbie used to run around just stirring up shit none stop. This is the man that got an in game suspension for things that he said and did on the boards. He prided himself as a shit disturber, he poked fun at people, he found things that cut deep with people and he went after it like a shark once it smells blood in the water.


It got to the point when his last banning someone was quoted as saying they would punch a random person if they thought for a second if it was him. People went onto say that Robbie is the trolliest of trolls and that he is a special type of troll because he is ego driven and doesn’t give a fuck since he will hit where it hurts with the personal attacks.


But fast forward to now, there are no attacks, there are no following people around the boards attacking them, no public outbursts on podcasts. Robbie is just… Rob. He lost the bie in the most hated name in the league. He may still be hated by many members but those members hate him because of his past not because of any new antics.


So the question becomes is Robbie truly “broken” or has he lost interest/gotten bored of the troll game. Has he hung up the keyboard and passed the torch onto the next big pest. Either way it seems like it’s a bygone era in VHL, one that few will miss but no one can say that some of the shit Robbie did was not entertaining.


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3 hours ago, Toast said:

Image result for broken matt hardy


Are you sure this isn't the wrestling thread?

It was inspired by that. I don't follow wrestling. But I did see the deletion of Jeff Hardy which was epic. Wrestling in general is horrible. But that was funny

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