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Claimed:Real Talk With ADwyer #9 [REVIEWED]


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Real Talk with ADwyer #9


In this episode I answer questions from @Phil and @Beketov, talk about my biggest VHL pet peeve, praise Phil Shankly, rage ago foot bug bites, talk about me, preach about the evils of the Gows, review my predictions, talk about if Calgary is a one and done deal, and say which contender will be rebuilding the quickest.

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  • Commissioner


  • Your music still sucks :P I request some heavy metal for #10
  • Good, sit on the floor like a peasant so that I, in my comfy chair, don't have to hear the mice humping.
  • I told you, stop getting TPE. God dammit. I don't understand how I started with so much more than you and you've still caught up. Maybe I need to donate again haha.
  • Us old folks need to feel like our contributions ages ago did something so leave our things alone :P
  • "Keep expectations low" the motto for anyone dating @ADwyer87
  • You'll be beating me with our second players probably. No way I have time for 2 PT's a week so 1 will likely be welfare. At least my welfare is 4 TPE though.
  • The TCBL folded? I had stopped paying attention. Kinda felt it coming a month ago.
  • Never underestimate the power of Phil
  • Light your foot on fire, it'll stop the itching. Don't ask how I know that.
  • Long walks in the park would involve going outside so that just won't do.
  • You say a lot of things that could be used against you if someone edited your podcasts...not that anyone would do such a thing *innocent whistle*
  • All those classes sound awful.
  • Sad Dwyer makes me regret comment #5
  • Scotch tastes delicious you uncultured swine.
  • Your wording while discussing GTA makes me regret reviewing this at work haha
  • I think that was the sim where I had my stroke apparently...
  • In I think Podcast 7 you claimed that NY would be interesting to watch as potentially the third team in NA
  • Psh, screw your logic :P
  • #FuckGow?
  • Writing stuff down is probably better than most who just copy one that makes sense haha
  • I really wasn’t expecting you to go through every one of your predictions but alright haha.
  • Robbie winning most Sportsmanlike would be hilarious.
  • Didn’t pick me for most improved: jerk. That’s my only award chance!
  • Supposed to be good doesn’t mean I won’t be improved. I played bad, if I play well that’s improvement!
  • Fuck your logical reasoning!
  • You’re GMing in the VHLM, next step is clearly the NHL.
  • Lies, fuck math. The only numbers I care about are frames per second and timecode.
  • Everyone needs to come to Seattle; simple as that.
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  • Beketov changed the title to Claimed:Real Talk With ADwyer #9 [REVIEWED]

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