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Claimed:Der Podcast 94 [Reviewed]

der meister

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  • Sounds like you're having a real great time! :P
  • You're writing a book?
  • Ouch......
  • hey 9 points, there ya go!
  • I can feel the happiness oozing out of you :P
  • dont you guys have Apollo Skye?
  • who is your defensemen?
  • der Road Rage
  • you could smell the car from in yours?
  • STHS likes to be a bitch. It don't give a damn
  • awwwww, that's the worst :(
  • So you and Mr. Power have quite the history
  • dang you almost won 5 cups in a 8 season career?
  • Very true, I believe 6 out of every 10 Americans say they don't like either one.
  • to expand on that, I believe if Bernie Sanders was the democratic nominee he would be running away with this. Hell, with the way it is I feel like Cruz could've won if he was running.
  • hey, i live there!
  • Now that serious, blowjobs can fix like everything
  • i mean he wouldn't get support if it wasn't for Hillary Clinton being his opponent. Though honestly the more I think of it the more I wonder how he became the republican nominee, because honestly no one I know voted for him in the Missouri primary, and everyone I know that is going to vote for him is only doing so because it's not Hillary.
  • I mean a lot of republicans HAVE thought and said that, look at Paul Ryan.
  • he also killed the USFL, don't forget that
  • hes not that stupid, he's just smart enough to know what dumb people want to hear.
  • what is TPP?
  • well that sounds like a lovely basement!
  • damn son, you racking up them bills.
  • did they knock out some fools?
  • You can't think these things, you gotta know these things!
  • You got some small kids
  • wait, I thought u just said she wasn't the slowest?
  • Don't put your junk in a box!
  • i just noticed that one of the ads on you page is advertising something that looks alarmingly like a mail order bride system
  • Yeah, that's why I stopped writing for the mag
  • soccer, ewwww
  • How did you know about that Lewandowski? Lol
  • O snap, calling Kendrick's favorite team boring to his face!
  • You do a lot of stuff that I would never do haha
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