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King & Mulligan casting call


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For you want to be a character in a hit TV show? Of fucking course you do! Don't be stupid. RobbieTV is looking for people to be the following characters


Jonas Timberwolf- bartender at local watering hole that runs underground casino


Judge Gene Ardass- old judge that is a bit delusional. He is one of the reasons why Jarno gets his unorthodox ways of gathering evidence approved. But when it comes to cases he does not remember it so Jarno gets fucked over


Cafe barista (to be named later) the barista is friends with King but likes to push his buttons about things just to piss him off just so he can get a laugh. He's a bit of a dick...


Jargon Jorgensen- out of town detective that just transfered.  He finds everyone very odd and starts to investigate people on the force for various reasons. 


 Julio Englishman- a very confused individual. He was adopted at a young age so he does not know where he came from. All he knows is that he has a Spanish first name and a English last. He is a hired hitman brought in to take out the Mongolian mob. Let's just say he runs into issues.

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