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   The VHLM rose to it's feet today in order to meet the request of two young Danish defenseman hoping to make a big impact on the league in the near future. Tomas and Aksel Syndergaard, natives of Fynn, Denmark announced earlier today that they have come to terms with the VHLM and will be making the move across the world in order to start their professional hockey journey's.


"We have come a long way." Said Tomas in a recent interview with the media, recorded directly after coming off the plane. "And we are very tired."


The two players are highly touted as some of the top talent that Europe has to offer in the next draft class, and should they be as determined as they currently seem to succed they will be a dominant defensive pairing in the future.


With no real knowledge as to how the VHLM assignment system works for players joining after the draft, the two youngsters have requested to be placed on the same team. They say that for now they are willing to work with the league and or it's general manager's in order to see this happen but it should come to the point that their request not be met they will decide to sit out the upcoming VHLM campaign."


"Tomas and me have played together our whole life, I don't see why that should change." Says Aksel. "It's just two players, I'm sure it will be fine."


The media was taken aback when the two prospects first announced the move, and since multiple members of the 475 Player Agency have questioned the motives behind their decision.


"It seems kind of fishy to me that two players declare at the same time and then basically demand to be slotted together." Said a past member of the agency. "Even if they are brothers they should have to follow the rules of others, regardless of what they may be."


Without a doubt it can be assured that the request will spark contoversey within the levels of the VHLM. Within recent memory a move like this hasn't been made and at the current moment the league and its fans are unsure as to how they must react. While the two Danes are valuable assets and quality members of the league, it's in the air as to if the move is even league lawful.


The two players made some more demands in a press conference and said they will not play for any team that does not meet the following contract requirements;


1 - A different type of craft root beer before each game must be supplied free of cost. The price cannot be taken from the player's salaries.


2 - The team for which they play must have at least two colours in their logo. If they don't the players are open to any changes the league or general manager's may present.


3 - Finally, both player's must be reserved seats beside each other on seperate sides of the aisle when on the bus or plane. As well the team and it's players must sign a waiver before entering the bus or plane saying they will not sue should either of the Syndergaard's decide to casually stick their foot out as someone walks by. This includes any breaks, injuries, or other notable damage to personal property.


With their deepest word of thanks, the Syndergaards now sleep.







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Welcome to the league @457. Hope you enjoy your time here. Good article about your brother and yourself entering the VHL. Glad you guys were able to land on the same team and a great competitor and GM to boot for your first VHLM experience. Them demands tho!


Grammar: Not bad for a almost 600 word article. 



Thomas and me=Thomas and I

contoversey= controversy

seperate  = separate 


Enjoy your 6 points!

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