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You don't have the button that is highlighted?


If not, which is certainly odd, we can do it manually. If you have the source button (I don't for some reason, @Draper wtf) then you should be able to manually type the code in that Dwyer suggested.


Edit: I just went and checked, those buttons are in fact not present in the signature settings anymore? They definitely used to be. I just tested and I cannot type the code manually but it should work if you can access the source view. I just can't for some reason. Try copying someone's signature that has it centred (use mine if you want) and pasting that into your signature. It should keep the formatting. Then just replace the image(s). It should function although it's a workaround for sure.


Edit 2: Alternatively, and easier, go old school BBCode with it! Apparently it still works, it's just hidden now.

[center]IMAGE HERE[/center]

That code should centre anything that falls between the two tags, images included. Pasting an image link in should automatically change over to the image itself and the tags will center it. Just make sure not to tell the forum to display the link as a link instead of an image. If you do that it will just display a centred link. I would just type out the two things of code and then drop everything into them.


Alternatively, at least for now since I'll save you some time, just copy and paste this. The centre tag should still be present.



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