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:vhl:League Leaders:vhl:

Last time we looked into the league leaders in goals and assists in the VHL, we were only six games into Season Fifty-One. After last night’s games twenty games have taken place for most VHL teams since then, so we thought we could check in where those leaders are now.

Previous Leader in Goals: Zach Parechkin (8 goals; 6 games)

Current Leader in Goals: Niels Skovgaard (22 goals; 26 games)


Parechkin had eight goals in the Legion’s six games when we last looked. Since then he has unfortunately been passed in the goal race by Niels Skovgaard, who is leading the VHL over in Cologne with twenty-two goals. Parechkin isn’t far behind Skovgaard at the moment as he sits tied for fourth in the league with twenty goals.

Previous Assists Leader: Black Velvet (14 assists; 6 games)

Current Assists Leader: Black Velvet (39 assists; 26 games)


Black Velvet was in beast mode last time we checked in with the assist leader in the VHL. Since then nothing much has changed other than Velvet appears to be getting stronger with each passing day. Although Velvet has seen huge success since entering the league back in Season Forty-Seven, especially with the three consecutive Continental Cups with Toronto, but he has yet to snag his first Labatte Trophy. On this pace there will be no alternative for the league and the awards presenters to not give Velvet his due this season.

*For Weinstein*

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