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Aksel Syndergaard Rookie Profile [Reviewed]


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Aksel Syndergaard Rookie Profile


Writer: Aksel Syndergaard

Fynn, Denmark


The VHL was thrown into disorder after the loudmouthed, forceful twins Tomas and Aksel Syndergaard announced that they would be playing for the VHLM this season. Many thought that the two would be ignored and forgotten, but they quickly made sure nobody would forget after they posted a short statement declaring their needs. As you probably saw, Tomas has already had his rookie profile published, so here is a quick look at his brother Aksel's skill set.


General Information

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190 lbs

Birthplace; Fynn, Denmark

Shoots: Left

Age: 17

Born: June 17th, 1999



1. His puck handling is well developed for his age, meaning he can hold onto the puck without loosing it, and is able to get around someone in order to get a shot off, or make a pass.

2. His defense is up there as well, meaning he won't be a liability in his own end. He can play the role of a shutdown defend just as well as his brother, but can still be relied on offensively. 

3. His passing is a strong point of his. He is easily able to get a quick pass off to set up a teammate, or break out of his own zone. He is definitely the more offensively gifted of the two, but his brother is not one to be forgotten.

4. Being an inch taller than his brother gives him a slight advantage over his brother in the hitting category, but not by much. He can easily lay someone out with a big hit, but can juts as easily rub someone out in the corner to get the puck, and knows that checking isn't always about getting that big open-ice hit.




1. He isn't the strongest skater. As of right now, he isn't the best skater, but he has been working tirelessly in order to get better. Expect him to be a big force once he gets just a bit quicker on his feet.

2. His shot could be better, but like the con mentioned above, he's improving quickly.  His power is up there, but accuracy is a whole different story. Expect him to put up a few goals in his first season, when he actually hits the net.

3. He needs to be on the same pairing as his brother. They have only played with each other, so they expect things to be the same again. He doesn't do well during large changes, and a different defense partner could definitely trigger his anxiety.

4. Like his brother, he isn't the strongest player, but players will still have difficulty knocking the puck off of him. Like the other cons, this will only improve over the course of the season..



Aksel is a well rounded two-way defenseman, with a focus on offense. His career is juts getting started, but expect him to quickly become an top paring defender. With tireless dedication to his team and teammates, Aksel will only continue to improve, and his skill set will only get better. He is prepared to take the next step in his career, and will do so with his brother alongside him.


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Review 533 Words, 358 in the Pros and Cons


This was a decent rookie profile given the fact it was written very shortly after joining and you hit the minimum words on both the overall piece and pros and cons. Hopefully your well rounded two way defenseman can make some noise in the VHLM and VHL. Good to see you putting in the work early on, hopefully you both can keep it up







Good job


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