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Syndergaards Greeted


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Earlier this morning, the two Syndergaard brothers flew into the prairie city of Saskatoon, after having spent the night in Washington. The Danish defensemen were greeted very warmly by the citizens of Saskatoon, and even signed their firsts autographs. We were fortunately able to get an interview with the two of them.


When asked how they felt, Tomas replied for the two of them.


"We're obviously elated to be here. I can't speak for my brother, but I'm sure he's ready to get out on the ice and play. Saskatoon has a good team right now, and we're excited to help be a part of their cup run this season."


Afterwards, we asked Aksel how the flight was, and what it was like coming into the terminal with all of the people waiting.


"A bit rough, but overall good. It was quite the surprise walking in, we didn't expect that many people to show up. It was a good experience though, and it's nice to know we've got the support of the city behind us."


Finally, we questioned them about the weather.


"Very cold." was the reply from Tomas. "We were not at all expecting it to be that cold, and there to be that much snow this early."


"We could definitely do without the snow, it felt like we were getting slapped across the face with the amount of wind and snow coming at us." said Aksel.


After the short interview, the Syndergaard's left to get to their new apartment, and to the team practice scheduled for today. More on the intriguing events surrounding the two brothers later.

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