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Claimed:Need to get in touch with my dark side [Reviewed]


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Saskatoon is the number one at the moment in VHLM. That is great, but it will also mean that every team will want to win us really badly when they play against us. Sometimes that want to win can go over the top and someone might do something that needs attention from the players who are on the ice at that time. For example, what if someone comes and tries to take one of the top goal scorers of Saskatoon out with a dirty hit and I´m on the ice to see the hit. What will I do? Or what can I do? I´m not that good when it comes down to the physical side of hockey, hits and fights are not exactly biggest tools in my toolbox.


That is the reality now, but that does not mean I cant improve my hitting and fighting ability. I have the frame to be physical, but not the skill. Hitting and fighting are skills just like passing or shooting the puck. You need to practice before you can be good. 


I have decided to start focusing in improving both the hitting and fighting to make sure I can protect my linemates, but also be more annoying player to play against. If you are having a bad game already and then someone comes and absolutely destroys you with a big hit, that hit can be something that pushes you over the edge and can make you take a bad penalty. In todays VHLM the powerplays are more important than ever, every team can defend really well and it´s hard to get chances to score on 5v5, so powerplay goals are quite often the difference makers in games.


I´m not going to share too closely on what methods or techniques I´m using to improve my hitting and fighting ability, but I have been trying to get in touch with former NHL player Georges Laraque in hopes of getting a private lesson in fighting. No reply yet, but hopefully we can set something up. If not now, but during next off-season I have the time to take some fighting lessons!




I have also been watching a lot of videos on youtube, another retired NHL player who´s videos I enjoy watching is Jarkko Ruutu. That guy was annoying as hell to play against. If I could get even 20% of that into my game, I would be happy. Having that physical edge never hurts, sure sometimes you might spend some time in the penalty box, but the psychological effect on the opposite teams players who are on the ice at the same time makes it totally worth it. They will never know if I´m coming in with a huge hit or just poking the puck away.




Future will show us if I manage to actually be more physical, there is always the risk that I manage to break my body early which can have a dramatic effect in my career, but at the moment I´m healthy and focusing on being more physical!

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Great article! You have been doing really well in Saskatoon so far and should be able to reach that goal of 20 goals easily! I'm sure you'll be able to play more physical. If you can, you'll be a regular Phil Hamilton clone, and that's not bad at all! Also LOL at George's Laraque and that Ruutu gif ?


522 words :D

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