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Claimed:VHLM Power Rankings: Week 3 [Reviewed]


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Картинки по запросу junior ice hockey team


*The VHLM is awesome!*



1. :ber:Bern Royals:ber:  ▲ +5

(GM: @Mr. Jones)


This is some up-and-down shit from Bern. Both Sakstoon and Bern collected 23 points since my second PR edition, but Bern has a 3-2 win against the Wild, so the junior Davos (both teams' logo main color is purple - coincidence?) is back at top. The only thing that concerns me - last Trifecta's login took place in October 3rd. Weird enough. 



2. :ssk:Saskatoon Wild:ssk:   ▼ -1

(GM: @ADwyer87)


Sasky still looks fine with 11-2-1 record (same as Bern) despite losing the first place in the power rankings. The most active VHLM GM Podarok (I wouldn't call him a giftarrow-10x10.png tho) has enough time to do RL stuff and acquire two more newbies, which makes the Wild a nasty threat. There's an interesting question: will he be able to get more players at the trade deadline, besides his second to make his managed team a dominant force?


3. :osl:Oslo Storm:osl:  ▲ +4

(GM: @TheLastOlympian07)


This thing bugs me a lot. The team which went for a rebuild somehow collects points against the rest of EU conference and currently sits at third place. We know the main reason why they are still in playoff spot - Edwin still isn't traded and if the Royals' GM will not show up at least in trade deadline, Oslo actually will have a shot at playoff spot, which might turn the S51 VHLM season into a joke - Oslo doesn't needs playoffs, Bratislava wants to compete. 


4. :mos: Moscow Red Wolves:mos: ▼ -1

(GM: @Gunner)


Moscow loses another place, but I wouldn't say the Russians fell off. They are 2 points behind the Royals and the battle for the EU top spot is still on. But wait...last BlueBoy's login: Tuesday at 3:56 AM (EET). What's up with VHLM GM's? We know Adwyer is the most active VHLM guy, but that doesn't means the other GM's should go away. But maybe BB71 burnt out for real? That would be unfortunate. 


5. :brt:Bratislava Watchmen:brt: ►0

(GM: ???)


We found our place, huh? Not a good place to be. We had a 6-7-1 record in past 14 games and I can't get it...no, I actually get the reason. This season is disorganized as fuck and this stuff is really hurting our team: @Higgins still runs the sim with old skills (and I can understand that; 3-4 days between EU and NA updates doesn't helps him) which puts our main goalie M.T. Power in bad light. He told me he's concerned about his achievement tracker, so my DEMAND to roster updaters is: UPDATE VHLM PLAYERS ASAP! Some people know what happens when I'm flipping out and you don't want to see this here. 


6. :brm:Brampton Blades:brm: ▼ -4

(GM: @Smarch)


This is a helluva drop for the Blades, but I believe this team can't lose his NA's second place. Saskatoon is still going to crush them in NA finals, so let's better see their rebuilding process. 


7. :yuk:Yukon Rush:yuk: ▼ -3

(GM: @Streetlight)


Yukon goes down once again after a surprising second week. They got some points against Saskatoon and Bratislava; also they had 2 wins versus Brampton, but 9 loses (2 OT/SO) in 14 games means the Rush will have a hard time to even fight with Brampton. 



8. :ott: Ottawa Lynx:ott: ►0

(GM: @JardyB10)


*shrug* Forever last place in S51. But even with that they were able to take 1 point against Bern(!), so even this team won't go down without getting at least a point. Good job. 


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4 hours ago, Phil said:

I think we are just saving ourselves for the playoffs. No point slutting around the league so that come playoff time, you itch all over and fail, right @JardyB10?

Damn straight. Except ironically sometimes abstinence can also get you fucked.

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Review: 603 Words

 Good weekly look into the VHLM and the eight team power rankings. The Blades are slipping on the ice and in your rankings so i'm not too happy, Good read, I enjoy these and getting tagged each week to see me slipping 



Sakstoon=  Saskatoon


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