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The Agency Strikes Again


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From the player agency that has introduced Boomchenko, Tordahl , Koenig and Odinsson to the VHL, comes a move that zero followers of the league will be shocked by. With the Helsinki Titans still under caretaker management with no full-time replacement in sight, the UZI® Agency has announced that Thor Odinsson, the S50 Rookie Rookie of The Year will be testing Free Agency this off-season. It is rumored that a verbal agreement was in place between Odinsson and former GM Daniel Andersen for the player to remain a career Titan, however after Andersen stepped down it is believed that Thor was shocked by the move and has been intent on finding a more dedicated GM to play for and enjoy the support and encouragement of an active LR environment. "Our temporary GM has done a great job stepping in, but the complete lack of atmosphere and periods of silence in the LR has taken it's toll" said Odinsson.

It's well known that players from the UZI® Agency thrive on LR activity and personal communication so this announcement is less of a surprise, but still expected by some in the VHL community. Past agency players have been notorious for team-hopping and ridiculous 1 season deals, but the intention for Odinsson was always to remain with whatever team selected him in the draft for as long as possible. It's not guaranteed that he won't be a Titan beyond S51, however the incoming GM(whoever the hell that is) will need a very convincing argument backed by a solid plan for Odinsson to be residing in Helsinki for S52.



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3 hours ago, Phil said:

Reports are that any team that Phil is on is good for LR activity.



This just in, UZI Agency has reportedly had a meeting with the Phil Knight Agency. This should be good.


Damn lies! Typical National Enquirer journalism. It was a chat, not a meeting.


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