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That is what I usually say when someone calls me. It´s also in top three in my list of things to say to a person behind cash register. For some reason my phone has been ringing a lot lately and I´m not sure why. I have not done anything or joined anywhere, so where do these people get my phone number?  Some of the callers are trying to sell me something, but then there are also normal people who are calling and asking what it´s like to play hockey for living or do I want to come and hang out sometimes?  After talking with these people for few hours during last week, I decided to start telling everybody who call me that they have the wrong number and gave them  Bogdan Podarok´s number instead. He is the GM of Saskatoon and has no idea that I did that. I imagine they are now calling to Bogdan and asking if I´m there. Quite nice.


I must admit that it worked or at least nobody has called me during this weekend. Still not sure how my number got out there, so I guess I have to get a new number soon if the people start calling again.

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