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Season 51 Week 1 Answers


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Credits go to @Phil, @DollarAndADream (x2), @sterling and @Velevra get 1 TPE for the Questions I used this weekend (oops didnt realize I used DaaD question twice, luck guy gets 2 TPE!)


1a. The Mikka Virkkunen Trophy was renamed in S31 in honour of the player. What season was he drafted, where was he taken in the draft and by whom? - Phil
1b. Who was the first Builder inducted into the HOF and in what season? - Velevra


2a. How many times has the Grimm Jonsson Trophy been a shared award, and when was the most recent time? - DaaD
2b. Who was the first Builder inducted into the HOF and in what season? - Velevra


3a. In the S37 World Cup, which player had the most points on the leaderboards? - DaaD
3b. Who was the first Builder inducted into the HOF and in what season? - Velevra


4a. How many Members with a Trophy/Award Named in their Honour still have active players in the league? - Sterling
4b. Who was the first Builder inducted into the HoF and in what season? - Velevra


BONUS: Give me a question to use in the future and when it's used you'll get 1 uncapped TPE.




1a - Mikka Virkkunen was 'drafted' to the Calgary Wranglers in Season 14 via the GM Rule

2a - Grimm Jonsson has been shared 7 times and was last shared in Season 48

3a - Antoli Zhumbayev led the Season 37 World Cup in scoring with 22 points.

4a - 10 "active" players have their names on VHL/M Trophies, Coach Reilly unfortunately doesn't have an active player so he would have made 11

B - Brett Slobodzian was the first member inducted into the Builder Hall of Fame in Season 19


@Beketov - 2

@solas - 2

@Phil - 2

@Smarch - 2

@JardyB10 - 2

@Kendrick - 2

@Velevra - 2

@Green - 2

@evrydayimbyfuglien - 2

@boom - 2

@Streetlight - 2

@Banackock - 2


everyone here can claim 1 TPE except DaaD who gets 2 for the two questions and Phil, Sterling and Velevra who get 1 extra TPE for the questions I used :)


remember you have oh about 3 hours until I won't accept anymore answers 

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anyway the answers are now back in and whatnot, next week this will be more organised as I had WiFi for about 2 hours because I was at my GF's place and her WiFi was not working so while I did have WiFi at my own place I decided to slap this together. oh well hopefully it goes better this week :P or looks better that is

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