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Claimed:A Thanksgiving Tale - Part i [Reviewed]


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Hey Guys, so from this weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) until American Thanksgiving, I will be releasing parts of this Giving Thanks based story. Let me know what you guys think of it and what you think will happen. Enjoy!


A Thanksgiving Tale - Part i





Jennie lay on her bed in her home on the Bridle Path, a bed of such vastness that she could raise her arms above her head while lying in the center and spin like the needle of a compass without any of her appendages ever hanging off the sides. She had her headphones in listening to music while playing a game on her tablet, off in her own little world. She only had one day left of school before the long weekend and was supposed to be packing for her vacation.


Presently, a timid knock at her down made her snap back to reality. It was her mother.


“Jennie, dear, I have some bad news. Looks like we won’t be able to take the private jet to the Maldives. Daddy’s got to fly a couple of very important people around in it. We’ll be taking another plane; a commercial one.”


“What!?” Jennie cried out indignantly. “We are going to have to travel like commoners? Sheppard ourselves in with the common folk like sheep? That’s not right.”


“Well sweetie we will be flying first class still. We’ll be separated from them.”


But what will my classmates think of us when they find out? People talk, mother. They’re still teasing Susie-Lou about only having a three-door garage on her house.”


“Children can be nasty, but that doesn’t make them right.”


“This is disgraceful,” Jennie yelled, jumping up from her bed and stomping her feet down. “I demand that we hire another plane. A private one.”


“Jennie, you know your father’s being careful with carbon emissions, as the Climate Change Conference is going on. He could get into trouble if he does that.”


“I don’t care. Why should I have to suffer for that? UGH this is the worst Thanksgiving ever.” And with that Jennie shooed her mother out of her doorway and slammed the door shut. She threw herself down on the bed in a huff and crossed her arms over her chest. She lay there, staring up at her ceiling, positively miffed that her parents had the audacity to do this to their 12-year old daughter.


To take her mind of things, she decided to take a walk to the front of her estate. She used her phone to call Geraldine to prepare her Fall attire for her venture into the garden. 3 minutes later, Geraldine called back letting her know that her clothes were all laid out for her in the foyer.

The grass had just been cut and there were numerous gardeners running around with brown bags trying to catch the leaves that were falling from the trees like a city running from a zombie apocalypse to keep them off the grass. Jennie walked for about 5 minutes before reaching the front of her property, when she noticed a boy staring at her from her gates, his hands gripping the bars and his forehead pressed up against them. He couldn’t have been older than 8.


“Hey you! Boy!” Jennie shouted. “What do you think you are doing? Go away.”


The boy removed his hands more quickly than if he had received an electric shock from the gate. He stood up straight and stammered: “So..sorry Miss. I was just looking to see how much this place had changed. My family used to live here, you see.”


“Well why did you move?”


“My dad’s a famous hockey star; he plays in the VHL. He used to play for the Toronto Legion until he was traded last year. We now live Switzerland.”



“Switzerland? That sounds nice! Do you like it there?”


“No. I can’t understand anyone over there. School’s hard enough, but I can’t learn anything in a different language. I can’t meet anyone either. I just want to come back here.”


“Well my family lives here now.”




There was an odd pause in which the both of them stood in silence, thinking about the other’s life.


“What’s your name?” Jennie asked.


“Dan,” the boy replied.


You wanna go for a walk in the ravine? I’ll tell Geraldine (that’s my servant) so my mother doesn’t worry.”


“Uh sure, I just have to be home by 8:00.”


And so down the road they wandered towards the ravine, Dan, marveling at the houses along the way, and Jennie feeling slightly better about her predicament this weekend. 





End of Part I
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Review: 767 Words Very random and very little VHL related, but we just were introduced to the characters so hopefully more VHL stuff in Part II. If not shame on you @Phil. I enjoyed the random read about Jennie hating Switzerland. 



Wanna= want to 


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