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Was The Two Player System Was Implemented Just In Time?


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It's a legitimate question. Take a look at the current state of the league, the VHL to be particular but the VHLM also has it's share of issues. Team parity is at all time lows right now, higher TPE players have been getting consistently out performed by lower TPE players in some cases, and the entire league feels very uneven across the board. As of this writing, there isn't a single team in the VHL that has what would be considered a "complete" roster. 


Calgary and Riga come the closest, and in Calgary's case using 6 forwards and 3 defenders is a common tactic of high end teams, something we've seen for seasons. But usually that team is one of 3 or 4 that has complete or close to it rosters, and the star power vs depth battle would be commencing. However this season that isn't the case. Riga and Calgary are arguably the two top teams in the league this season, the two teams with the best chance at a Continental Cup. Riga has 2 goalies on their roster and only has 2 defenders currently. Meanwhile the rest of the leagues teams range from rebuilding, to teams in complete halt mode, or ready to rebuild. Quebec just stepped down from being competitive, but has very few assets to deal away after dealing away their biggest piece in Tom Lincoln before the season started. Cologne was buying, then selling, then buying again, as they currently only have 4 forwards and 3 defenders, still 3 players shy from a complete roster. Seattle has a nearly full roster as well, missing only a single d and a forward, but they sit on as a fringe competitive team really forced into that position as markets weren't open in any regards for trading. New York entered full rebuild in the off season and despite having some talented young players can't seem to get any offensive output going. Toronto has a fringe roster with leftovers plus a goalie, as they round out the playoff teams in the NA attempting to go for a threepeat. Despite having the cap space they don't have tons of picks to make anything happen. Stockholm is full rebuild, with barely any players on the roster. While Davos and Helsinki are both stuck between rebuilding and competing with some decent young players but not much else. 


All of this has lead to probably the most inconsistent season thus far in the VHL. Stats are all over the place. Sure some key players are having great success, but I mean you can take Ariel Weinsteins low save percentage for starters, considering he has more TPE than most other goalies yet for most of the season he was sitting at under .915. Even now as he tries to climb into even the .920 regards that still puts him near the bottom of the heap, especially when so many other goalies have some pretty godly stats. It further goes to evidence exactly how little attributes matter nowadays. Team make up is the most important thing, and it's not unsurprising that because the majority of the league decided to spread their services across 2-3 teams this season, that so many teams and players are struggling statistic wise. Although it's hard to blame players for doing as such, especially when this season is exactly the season in which we are really suffering from the lack of recruitment between seasons 48 and onward. 


Ultimately the two player system, which we will see first results of in the upcoming S52 draft appears to have come right in time. Another season like 51 could do serious damage in terms of keeping players active, just due to the inconsistencies of the sim and the way more extreme ups and downs you are seeing. More rosters with more players is exactly what the league is needing, and in the upcoming off season there should be a good healthy two rounds of players that likely leave their VHLM teams and make VHL clubs in Season 52. 

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Lack of parity partially motivated my signing in Toronto since if I went elsewhere we'd probably be down to 4 good teams.


Also as a key proponent of the 2 player system, yeah I wanted to get it off the ground ASAP because we had several woeful drafts. It still doesn't address the underlying issue of recruitment but nothing had for years so at least it's something.

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