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Weird times came into the VHL world. Lack of applicants for GM'ing the VHL team actually surprises me a lil bit. Or not? OG's cant do this shit forever and S40 or later members are either afraid or not active enough, or loves the VHLM, like @ADwyer87. I've been thinking about the possibility to apply for Toronto GM job. Would it be a good idea? Here's my pros and cons about this possibilty. 




1. Toronto is a close team for me. I got my first two-peat in this team and I had much fun reading the LR posts back then. It would be nice to return in team that drafted Zeptenbergs and gave him so much nice moments. 

2. Toronto will likely start a rebuild plan after this season, so all I should do is trade some remaining players and then an easy S52, like I had S50 with Bratislava. 

3. No sim league will live forever, so why not grab the opportunity?




1. Too early, I'm not ready yet. Let's face it: I probably should sit in VHLM more to become more mature GM in future. VHLM is a lil bit easier to learn GM things, than VHL. 

2. Finances. There's an easy finances in VHLM: 5M for rookies or returning members, 2M for the recreates, that's it. VHL finances are more harder, like 32M max cap. You should have a good planning and ''talking'' skills to not exceed 32M cap and still have a good roster. Not an easy life, isn't it?

3. Pressure. I feel like players are still underestimating the VHLM, like: ''Eh, I didn't win the VHLM? Who cares, let's go and get some VHL cups!'' And if my managed VHL team will not get a cup in 2,3,5,9 seasons? That's gonna be hard to me to see everybody making fun of my lines setting skills, e.t.c. 


If you have some more pros and cons, you can post it there.


It was some quick talk for 1 TPE. End of the story. 

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