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An Apology Owed


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There's no way of putting it otherwise, I was out of my depth being a VHL GM. Maybe I could have used another season or two in the minors to learn the ropes a bit more or maybe I should have realised it wasn't long term compatible with my life, but however you look at it I fucked up and let people down. For that I'm truly sorry. To expand on the reasons a little more behind why I stepped down, some issues around a family members health came up last month that shook me quite a bit and coupled with starting my third year at university which meant I was out making the most of the time left here to socialise or having to actually do work, my general sim league activity has now dropped to whenever I've got a spare minute I can check on my phone, which isn't really the necessary level for a GM. I left the team in the shit by not staying on until a replacement was found and for that I must also apologise, I certainly wasn't the right man to lead the team after my disastrous attempt at a rebuild but it wasn't fair to just leave everyone in the lurch like that. So at the risk of being really wet, I'll reiterate once again to the guys on the team (boom, flyersfan, Wasty, Dangles), the people who gave me the job and the league in general, I regret letting you all down in the way that I did, but I'm glad the job was given to someone who knows what he's doing in Higgins who can hopefully right the ship and fix the mess I made.

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