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Fuck Hurricane Matthew

Da Trifecta

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Holy shit where to start. Fucking hurricane Matthew comes trolling in thinking he is a bad ass and some shit. Starts knocking out people's power and next thing you know, I am without power. It was out for around like 4 days and the shit was rough. I mean at night time it was pitch black in my neighborhood. During the day there was legit nothing to do with everyone being on a curfew and not being able to leave their houses. So my only options were to stand outside like an idiot in my yard or just go to sleep. Needless to say I caught up very well on my sleep. In fact I got way too caught up and it was ridiculous. I used to sleep during the day and be up during the night due to work. Well it looks like now I am sleeping at night again and back to waking up bright and early. This is going to be some shit that I have to fix quickly as I have work coming back up soon. Oh and for those of you who thought I forgot about the VHL, well I didn't. Simply not having power and having to fix shit does that to a person.

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