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:hel:Sinking Ship Saved:hel:

This week the VHL announced that former Helsinki Titans General Manager Mitch Higgins would be returning to the franchise he ran from Season Thirty until Season Thirty-Six. The Titans were left without a General Manager for a good part of the young season when Daniel Anderson had to step down due to personal reasons, leaving a decent young core of players wondering what the future held for them and the only franchise they have known. With a roster comprised or players mostly on their rookie contracts still and their own draft picks for the next two seasons, Helsinki could quickly turn this mess into something good. Today we’ll look into what the club currently possesses in terms of assets both on and off the ice, and see where the club is in its current state.

(S48) G – Dmitri Dadanov: 


Drafted sixth overall by the Quebec Meute back in the Season Forty-Eight VHL Entry Draft, Dadanov was brought over to Helsinki in a move to get a more veteran presence in net for the Meute. Big things were expected from Dadanov when he was traded to the Titans, as Helsinki had a good reputation of grooming superstar goalie prospects over the course of the past fifty seasons. Dadanov has been improving since he first put on the Titans jersey back in Season Forty-Nine, including eleven more wins from his rookie season to his sophomore season. As Dadanov now plays in his third season in Helsinki the Kalinin, Russia native continues to improve on the ice despite not being the most productive off the ice and in the weight room.  

(S49) D – Shayne Gow: 


After spending an extra season in the VHLM, Gow made his debut with the Titans last season in Season Fifty. Gow had a good rookie season on the Titans blue-line, despite the team having a rough year overall, putting up thirteen goals and forty-seven assists in seventy-two games. Gow is the only current member of the blue-line that is on the Titans roster, so his development is huge if and when the Titans wish to take that huge step forward. So far this season Gow has stepped up for the Titans amassing ten goals and thirty-six assists in the Titans forty games. With the Titans currently sitting in third place in the messy European Conference playoff race, Gow will hope to keep up his point per game pace down the stretch.

(S49) LW – Thor Odinsson: 


After being passed over by four different VHL clubs in the Season Forty-Nine VHL Entry Draft, Odinsson was more than happy to join the Helsinki Titans. With defenseman in such a high demand each season in the VHL, being a winger is what likely lead to Odinsson slipping to Fourth Overall; it was most definitely not his skill set. Odinsson showed off that skill set for the Titans and the entire VHL in his rookie season as he took home the Christian Slotzschweiger Trophy for the league’s top rookie. Odinsson put on quite the offensive show on his way to rookie of the year, putting up forty-eight goals and forty-one assists. This season Odinsson picked up where he left off in his rookie season, leading the Titans through their first forty games with twenty-nine goals and twenty-four assists. After being named captain of the Titans in his rookie season, the club hopes that Odinsson is around in blue and silver for the long run.

(S50) LW – Asher Donovan: 


Another Fourth Overall draft choice by the Titans organization, Donovan was brought in last season to help Odinsson with the offensive load. The rookie season didn’t quite go as well as possible offensively for the young man from the Northwest Territories, as he put up twenty-six goals and twenty-two assists. The slow start to his career wasn’t much a red flag to the Titans management and fans, but when he slowed his practice schedule everyone started to become a tad more worried. If Donovan can come back with a bit more dedication that he has shown in the past he could turn into the superstar Helsinki wished for when they drafted him.

(S50) D – Maksym Barnyashev (Bern Royals): 


Barnyashev was a late First Round draft choice of the Titans in the last VHL Entry Draft. The club decided that Barnyashevs’ career was best served with another year of grooming in the VHLM with the Bern Royals. While he may not be with the big club just yet, Barnyashev will be a key part of the organization as they move forward.


*For Snatch*

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Articles and signs combined, nice! Very nice, in depth look at Helsinki! It was sad that Daniel had to step down but Higgins is a beast so he should do just fine. It will be interesting to see if he stays with the rebuild or trades away to win now. Also I wonder what the future of Dadonov will be? (Also as a side note it's not Dadonov :P )


768 words :D 

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