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Claimed:VHLM Power Rankings: Week 4 [Reviewed]


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Don't even ask me waw is dis. 




Картинки по запросу junior ice hockey players



*Fight, youngstas, fight!*



1. :brt:Bratislava Watchmen:brt:  ▲ +4

(GM: hedge)


We be winnin and hittin. Finally we've been able to pass Oslo to make things more comfortable. It would've been better without that stupid loss to Oslo today (fuck you STHS), but after @Higgins updated players in sim (except for M.T. Power; STILL SAME OLD SKILLS!) our team found the right play. Can't wait to trade deadline, should be a nice one for Bratislava. 


2. :ssk:Saskatoon Wild:ssk:   ►0

(GM: @ADwyer87)


FUCK BERN! They are good at beating other teams, but when it comes to Bern, Sasky somehow is hopeless. No matter how many shots they are making, the Bern almost always wins. Also, there's one more OT loss to Yukon adn while the Wild is still solid as always, but these unnecessary losses can screw their chances, especially in post-season. Other than that, still solid, still NA champs. 


3. :mos: Moscow Red Wolves:mos: ▲ +1

(GM: @Gunner)


Yeah, fuck Bern. Another consistent team, the Red Wolves team started new week with 5-0 streak before losing 0:1 to Bratislava (shot difference 23-8 in Moscow favor, that was a hurtful loss). Here's a fact btw: Moscow is the most defensive team in VHLM league (average SF/SA is 21:18). One more fact, a sad one: Gunner got burned out. Sad panda. 


4. :ber:Bern Royals:ber:  ▼ -3

(GM: @Mr. Jones)


UpDownUpDown. And there's a Moscow's opposite team, Bern Royals. They are doing a good job to steal wins from Saskatoon (Bern 5-2 Sasktoon), but how about other teams? Especially Moscow, where they've yet to get a regulation win: only 1 SO win in 6 games against Russians. That's not a good sign as they are fighting for EU's first place and bye round. Let's see how DT is going to stop Moscow's threat. 


5. :yuk:Yukon Rush:yuk: ▲ +2

(GM: @Streetlight)


We be shootin. This team is shooting like there's no business. 34 shots per game: beat that, suckas! Morgan really does a great job to feed a puck to rest of Yukon players, so it's not a surprise that the Rush is leading the league in goals (141). Saskatoon? Bern? Brampton? They don't know other teams when we're talking about attack. But they have a big flaw - no defence. 0 players in defence. Probably that's why they are not and never will be fighting with Sasky for NA crown. 



6. :brm:Brampton Blades:brm: ►0

(GM: @Smarch)



SCREW YUKON! Not only Saskatoon has problems with specific team. Brampton has 0-3 against Yukon in this week and that promises an exciting NA semi's matchup. Other than that, Brampton was decent, scoring 13 points in 11 games, just like Yukon. But Yukon has 3-0, so they're up, Brampton stays in TOP 6. 


7. :osl:Oslo Storm:osl:  ▼ -4

(GM: @TheLastOlympian07)


Why Bratislava doesn't feeds points to us anymore? Oslo slips to 7th place once again, mainly because Bratislava finally found Oslo's numbers. Of course they were able to pick up some easy wins against Ottawa and a lucky one against us, but after players were updated in sim, the Storm fell off. Was the last week's blow up the only positive moment for Oslo? We will see. 


8. :ott: Ottawa Lynx:ott: ►0

(GM: @JardyB10)


Hey, we found another point! Well, they are close to reach the 10 point milestone and I believe they will do it as we have 27(?) games left in regular season. In last week they were able to grab 1 point against Bern, this week it was Moscow...well, the next team is Bratislava?




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I might be biased but I agree with the #1 spot. :lol: Nice job with this, I've been checking them whenever you post them and you've been doing a good job with them as far as I can tell. Keep it up and I hope we're on top come the end of the year. 


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