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M.T Power Shows Potential


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Thus far the VHLM career of one Maximus Theodore Power has been up and down, at best. After taking a few games to really fit in with his new team, Power finally has begun showing signs of his high potential. Most notably in a recent game against the Moscow Red Wolves, game 159 to be exact. 


Game 159


The Red Wolves put the Watchmen under siege, controlled the play, dominated in terms of puck possession and even outhit the Watchmen 17-13. There was no area of the ice the Red Wolves didn't dominate in, except for the fact that they couldn't score. Power showed his calmness under pressure, helping his team kill of 6 penalties on route to a 1-0 victory. The most notable thing about this 1-0 victory is that the Watchmen were badly outshot, in fact badly isn't even a good word for it. All total the Watchmen only managed 6 shots on net, including two periods (1st and 2nd) where they only managed 2 shots on net. Meanwhile the Red Wolves managed 23 shots on net, including a 12 shot 3rd period. It was a heart breaking loss for Moscow fans as their team gave up the only goal of the game, the winner at that, with only 26 seconds left in the third period. While it is only one game, it is a clear example of the type of potential that Power has as he looks to help his team make the playoffs and do as much damage as possible, hopefully on route to a Founders Cup. 

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