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my next player


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Diana Maxwell is very much a bust, and while making the Hall of Fame is still a possibility if I stick with it, I won't be attaining the goals which I had set forth for myself prior to her career. I will likely continue to put 9 TPE per week into her rather than focusing on my second player, but it's actually within the realm of possibility that I'm earning 9 TPE for my second player as well. I don't know yet, we'll see.


As for my second player, while it is a bit tempting to basically try to start over with what I wanted out of Maxwell, I'm not going to do that. I feel like that is a big source of the disappointment I'm feeling, though considering just how bad things are going, I'd be disappointed regardless. Before creating Maxwell was my final decision, I had another idea for a player, and that is what I'll be doing with my second player (who, by the way, will be created in just over a week, as the trade deadline is happening on October 24th).


My second player will be a goalie. I'm not fully committed to a name, yet, but I have in mind what I'm going to do. The name will be a single word, and it will have the number '4' in place of an 'a' somewhere in it. I will likely leave all letters lowercase, but that may also depend on what word I end up going with. I might like the look of capitalizing certain letters in a given word. Here are some of the thoughts I've had so far







If you have any names you would like to suggest, go ahead!

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Is Mistake Ranger Vagrant some Taylor Swift song I h4ven't he4rd?


To stick with the current theme, obviously go with j4rdY.


4s for 4ctu4l suggestions, we've got:
















Of th4t word vomit, my favourite is b4n4n4.

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17 minutes ago, JardyB10 said:

Is Mistake Ranger Vagrant some Taylor Swift song I h4ven't he4rd?

Nah, none of those three actually have anything to do with Taylor Swift. Here are some of the inspirations



  • Diana Maxwell's career was a mistake.
  • Creating yet another player is a mistake, as will be the career path I take.
  • My favorite song right now is "Burned is the House" by Alkaline Trio; there is a line that says "You were the first real choice I would make, but we all make mistakes."
  • I was a mistake.



  • This was my intended name back before Maxwell. At the time, I was really into the song "Lone Ranger" by Rachel Platten
  • The Axem Rangers from Super Mario RPG, as well as the Power Rangers



  • I've been listening to Alkaline Trio a lot over the past few months; three of their albums were released under Vagrant Records
  • Would be somewhat fitting for the type of career that I plan to have, that being one where I move from team to team
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