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Claimed:KnightTime #72 - Special Edition Upcoming!


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Episode #72




Thank you everyone for the questions! @Frank, @TheLastOlympian07, @Mr. Jones, @der meister, @eaglesfan036 and also to the people I didn't get to @Banackock, @Draper, @Streetlight, @Advantage, @Higgins. Thanks so much for your support and I will get to you guys next time. Drop a comment or a like if you enjoyed this or have something to say! Almost Ep. #75 and I will do something special for it, because you guys are all special. Give me a like if you want to be a part of that special episode!
Like A Stone - Audioslave
This is a division of KnightTime Radio. 
Run Time: 23 minutes
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  • #72, ya dummy!
  • #activity
  • hey, I did tune in to your last podcast!
  • Hey u didn't spam me :(
  • Ewww, being all fit and shit
  • Damn that was probably the smoothest answer to a question I've ever heard
  • i mean you are more useful
  • Toronto no longer has a chance :P 
  • They make fighting cards?
  • God I hate Osgood! Lol
  • I haven't been on much either, but that's because of a test, and that's over now
  • I hope so, man
  • woahhhhhhh, tmi bro. I don't need to know about your butt plugs
  • Kai Roberts and Judocus Dermaux. Cmon man
  • green tea. What a bitch!
  • Lines stuff, I no understand.
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