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Everybody's Talking At Me


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Bonus if you can name the song those lyrics in the title are from! Who can do it? Anyway, I know I wanted to release another episode of my short Thanksgiving Tale that I am working on, as I am very excited about it, but I have not had time this week. Hopefully I can do it next week. 


That, and I just finished recording two podcasts this evening, and that's gotten me in the mood to do something special, so I will be doing a special edition podcast for my KnightTime #75 (which will be turning two years old in... I think December sometime - another milestone). I've loved this podcast series. It's always so relaxing to do them, and hopefully it's relaxing for you to hear and listen to them. When it starts to get really cold outside here I'll make sure they are extra smooth and relaxing so that you may fall asleep while listening to them. 


Anyway, Hamilton's retiring in a little over a season's time - I guess I have to start thinking about a new player. Should I finally make a goalie? I think it's more feasible for me to do so because of my second player, but then again I would have to play him 8 times a season for 6 seasons and I don't want that hurting my career numbers haha


Anyway, if you want to be part of my KnightTime #75  go to my newly released KnightTime #72, take a listen, drop a like and sign up for it! 

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