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Seattle Bears Team Info

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:sea:Seattle Bears:sea:





Key Arena, or "The Bears Den", Seattle - Home of the Seattle Bears!


Attendance: 17,685

Abbreviation: SEA

Colors: coming soon!


:sea:Current Seattle Bears:sea:

General Manager: Blake Campbell (Banacock)

Captain: Matt Thompson

Alternate Captain: Sebastien Ironside

Alternate Captain: Veran Dragomir




Matt Thompson (C)  @Beketov

Vyacheslav Smirnov  @Banackock

Sergei Kovalev   @Laflamme

Gucci Garrop  @JG10

Vera Dragomir @Velevra

Sebastien Ironside @DollarAndADream




Piotr Jerwa @majesiu

Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock

Mountain Thunderfist @AdamEss



Roger Sterling @Will



Team Jerseys

Home Jerseys

coming soon!


Away Jerseys

Coming soon!


Alternate Jerseys

Coming soon!




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2 hours ago, Broalie34 said:

What day is the draft

The draft will be sometime after the finals finish, should be within the week.


However before you make it into the VHL you’ll be drafted in the minor league, the VHLM. This is mostly just so that much older players don’t dominate the new guys. The VHLM draft should be around the same time as the VHL draft.

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