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Apollo Skye's Rookie Profile


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Apollo Skye's Rookie Profile


Age: 25

Height: 6’2

Weight: 200 pounds

Jersey Number: 42

Hometown: Bellingham, Washington, USA

Drafted: 1st Overall (S51) HC Davos Dynamo


Apollo Skye completed his rookie season in S51, making the jump right after being drafted. While he had a hard time competing with elite VHL goalies such as Weinstein, S. Clegane, and G. Clegane, he showed great potential and was able to lead a very weak Dynamo team to the playoffs. He finished the season with a .913SV%, posted 3SO, and was named rookie of the year. Scouts commented favourably on his play during his rookie season but also noted some areas where he will need to improve in order to become an elite VHL Goalie. 




1. Reaction Time

Skye is a goalie blessed with lightning fast instincts. He made the highlight reel several times in his rookie season making amazing saves going post to post and reacting to deflected pucks. With his reaction speed, Skye is able to make saves on shots that seem to be guaranteed goals.


2. Style Control

While Skye has shown the ability to throw himself across his crease to make desperation save, he generally plays a very controlled game. His style is a unique one. He comes out of his net aggressively to challenge shooters and is a hybrid between a butterfly goalie and a stand-up goalie. He panics rarely and is able to quickly move around while maintaining his goalie stance. His poise at such a young age is quite remarkable!


3.  A Cool Name

His Name is Apollo Skye, enough said. T-Shirts and jerseys have been selling like crazy in Davos with phrases such as “Skye High” and “Apollo Takes Off!”. The Dynamo couldn’t have asked for a player with a better name to market off of while in the midst of a slow and painful rebuild. 




1. Consistency

The biggest criticism Skye faced during his rookie season was his consistency. Skye would plays lights out one night and abysmal the next night. If he wants to ultimately win a championship, he will need to focus every night and not take games off. While he is young and has plenty of time to improve, it definitely is a cause for concern.


2. Winning Experience

While Skye has been lauded for his potential, there is something that is noticeably missing from his hockey resume… Winning Experience. Skye didn’t start playing hockey until he was 12 and only began playing as a goalie at age 15. While he certainly has shown remarkable flair for the position, he has never won a major championship as a goalie. The lack of winning experience may come back to haunt him during playoff time.


3. Shitty Goalie Pads

Goalies are the only position in hockey that has the unique ability to customize their pads and helmet! The VHL has seen its share of amazing designs over the seasons and fans love seeing what their team’s goalie will wear every season! However Skye isn’t like most goalies and uses a simple full black helmet and pads. When asked about this, he simply shrugs it off and says that he never felt the need to design his equipment. Skye may want to shy away from the media but if he is to become the face of the Davos Franchise, he may need to get some better pads!



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