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Six Reasons Why I'm Loving Being The Ultimate Backup


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1. I'm doing pretty damn well at the minute

A .944  save percentage with just 2.07 GAA on a rebuilding team, that's some solid figures right there. They also haven't exactly come against nobody's, as two of them were against the unbeaten Cologne and the other three were against Calgary, Riga and Toronto, all three of those failed to score once I came off the bench. Granted, I only have one OT loss to my name, but you could technically count that as me earning the team a point as we nullified a two goal deficit while I was playing. 


2. I'm being used as I want

My big concern about being drafted in the first round was that because of how high I was drafted, that the GM who would take me would make every effort to try to start me against my wishes. But full credit to @Frank, he's used me exactly as I wished to be used without any complaints whatsoever. 


3. Jardy is way into it

Remember that sim at the start of the season which we had to redo because a lot of stuff hadn't actually been done on the forum? There's one thing that @JardyB10 definitely did right though, and that's going out of his way to make sure I was being used as I desired as a backup goalie. Jardy is awesome.


4. Proving people wrong/I'm doing something dumb and it's awesome

There were a few people prior to my draft  saying that they thought that me being a backup goalie was a waste of time and would be completely boring (granted, I'm pretty sure they were all GMs so maybe they just had high salt levels? I've noticed other people not even on my team mentioning my play as a backup so it must be entertaining to some others at least), so I think that kinda adds to the good feeling that I have had to this point in that they were wrong. I think people forget sometimes that the dumber things are, the more I'm into them. Fuck, my first player in this league was built with the sole intention of not playing hockey and just hitting people whilst also threatening to set the VHLM Practice Facility on fire and also threatening to shoot the VHLM TPE index (Then again, maybe I actually did do that last one)


5. I don't have to give a shit

When you hold bigger ambitions, you naturally get more annoyed when things don't go as intended. Since I have no ambitions to win anything (Outside of backup goalie of the year of course) or any specific goals I want to be met (outside of not playing), so therefore it would be difficult for me to become angered or annoyed (and being angered or annoyed in sim leagues makes the experience so much worse) as I really have nothing that I could possibly be angered or annoyed by. For the Overwatch players here, I'm basically Zenyatta, experiencing some motherfucking tranquility!


6. The Future

Since Frank's been so generous to play me in the way that I asked, I've been working on a little scheme that encourages and rewards GM's who play me as I want to, without me having to go to any measures to stop it. My base idea is, at the end of each season, I will tally up my starts over the course of the season and when I've entered games from the bench, and if those are correct, I will allow them to start me in four extra games the following season, which if done every season, will lead to me being available to start 36 games in a season. 


Also, from an idea I got whilst playing Valkyria Chronicles on my vita while I was in London to watch the NFL, I've also made a list of 14 "abilities" that Edwin could potentially earn. And the end of each season, If Edwin is used correctly, I will use a random number generator to select one of these 14 abilities for Edwin to equip. I've actually covered them all in black to make it an extra surprise, and because I did it a couple of weeks ago, I can't even remember them all, but I'll give three examples I remember here. One example of an ability available to Edwin is that if he is assigned a C or A, his starts will increase by 25%. Another is for every member who was a part of the S47 Americans team on the same team as Edwin, he will earn one extra start. The biggest one though (especially if I keep my activity up) is one where if my save percentage is higher than the starting goalie, Edwin will be eligible to start all playoff games. 


It's a small, fairly inconsequential thing, but I think it will add a fun little tweak for myself. It's also gonna help with preparation for my Project 2 player: Aackckqz Ky, the first completely random VHL player, but I'll tell you about him another time ;)

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11 minutes ago, eaglesfan036 said:

glad you are having fun with it! I look forward to goalie sackin you

That reminds me, I haven't actually checked if anyone's goalie sacked me yet! (Although I'm sure someone would have told me otherwise!)

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