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Dear diary, 


Quebec has played ten games in the regular season so far, winning four of them. That is pretty decent start to a team that is rebuilding. Personally, the start has not been that bad either, 3+4 is a solid total for a rookie defender. There is still a lot of work to be done if we want to be in the playoffs some day, but the feeling inside the team is positive, everybody is working together to make sure we reach our full potential as a team.


I have been thinking on what part of my game I should improve next? Lately I have been working on my passing ability quite heavily, all the hard work is starting to pay off, I can give that simple, but hard first pass to the forwards without too much trouble. That was not the case last year when I was playing in the VHLM. Just goes to show that you can improve yourself if you put your mind into it! 


What next though? I have been getting a lot of playing time both on the powerplay and on the penalty kill so far in the season, so improving skills that help me to play well in those situations sounds like the best option. Scoring and defense have been the main attributes on my mind when I have been thinking about my personal workout plan for the next month or two.




To be completely honest, I need to be able to improve every single area in my game if I want to have a successful career in VHL. We have top notch practice facilities and access to personal trainers, also the coaches are heavily involved in everything we players do here, so Quebec is a perfect place for a young player like myself to live and play hockey.





To finish off the latest entry to my diary, I have to mention the coolest thing that has happened to me this year, I was made the captain of Quebec about week ago! That is a huge honor and something that I did not even dream about six months ago when I was still living in Saskatoon. Pretty cool to see my name in the list of captains, so many great players have played here and now I have the change to be one of them.  


Being the captain of a professional hockey team as a young player is not the easiest thing to do in the world, but all the guys here have supported me and I feel like I´m actually the captain, if I say something, they at least pretend to listen, that is all I can really ask for, at least now.


We have four away games in the next five games, so my leadership skills will be put into a real test now that the first big away tour is here. No major injuries or anything, so we can head into the games with a full roster, plan is to bring as many points home as possible.

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Title is very accurate! Don't let the other players know you have a diary or else they'll all laugh at you! Working on your passing? What a sellout! You told me you were going full sniping defenseman! Also, didn't know you were named captain already, congrats!


509 words :D 

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