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Toronto Maple Leaves

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Let's try this again. I know I have started many of these before but oh well. I'll try again. I think the last few times I've tried these, I tried doing to much in letting you guys know each and everything that happened. Now im just going do my own team except a few interesting tidbits here and there. Hope you enjoy. I am buying into the Matthews hype and I watch more Maple Leafs game that is available to me. I have his rookie card (worth $300 btw, got it in a $100 blaster box). But alas I only have FHM 2 and will get FHM 3 in the near future. So until then, I will be playing in 1931/1932 with the Toronto Maple leafs. We have 5th in the draft in a whole redraft. Since from now on rookie will be drafted so its only fair that the league gets a whole new draft that the owners were in on ;) 


1. New York Americans - C Howie Morenz

2. Detroit Falcons - D Eddie Shore

3. Montreal Maroons - RW Charlie Conacher

4. New York Rangers - D King Clancy

5. Toronto Maple Leafs - C Frank Boucher

6. Boston Bruins - LW Aurel Joilet

7. Chicago Blackhawks - D Dit Clipper

8. Montreal Canadiens - D Lionel Conacher

9. Montreal Canadiens - D Red Horner

10. Chicago Blackhawks - G Charlie Gardiner

11. Boston Bruins - D Hap Day

12. Toronto Maple Leafs - G Tiny Thompson

13. New York Rangers - RW Bill Cook

14. Montreal Maroons - D Ching Jonson

15. Detroit Falcons - G Alec Connell

16. New York Amercans - C Hooley Smith


21. Toronto Maple Leafs - D Sylvio Mantha

28. Toronto Maple Leafs - D Red Dutton

37. Toronto Maple Leafs - RW Johnny Gagnon

44. Toronto Maple Leafs - C Andy Blair

53. Toronto Maple Leafs - G Andy Aikenhead

60. Toronto Maple Leafs - RW Rabbit McVeigh

69. Toronto Maple Leafs - D Taffy Abel

76. Toronto Maple Leafs - LW Herb Cain

85. Toronto Maple Leafs - LW Red Beattie

92. Toronto Maple Leafs - D Doug Brennen

101. Toronto Maple Leafs - C Reg Noble

108. Toronto Maple Leafs - RW Leroy Goldsworthy

117. Toronto Maple Leafs - D Ernest Kenney

124. Toronto Maple Leafs - G Bill Beveridge

140. Toronto Maple Leafs - RW Babe Dye

149. Toronto Maple Leafs - LW Bob Davidson

156. Toronto Maple Leafs - LW Max Sutherland

165. Toronto Maple Leafs - C Max Kamisky

172. Toronto Maple Leafs - LW Bryan Hextall

181. Toronto Maple Leafs - RW Carson Cooper

188. Toronto Maple Leafs - RW Irwin Boyd

197. Toronto Maple Leafs - D George Owen

204. Toronto Maple Leafs - C Sam McAdam

213. Toronto Maple Leafs - LW Hugh Plaxton

220. Toronto Maple Leafs - D Herb Gardiner



Red Beattie - Frank Boucher - Johnny Gagnon

Max Sutherland - Andy Blair - Rabbit McVeigh

Hugh Plaxton - Frank Nighbor - Babe Dye


Red Dutton - Sylvio Mantha

Taffy Abel - Doug Brennen

Herb Gardiner - Ernest Kenney


Tiny Thompson

Andy Aikenhead


Home and away vs Chicago Blackhawks in a few days (game time) I will update again there

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PS1: Chicago Blackhawks (0-0-0) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (0-0-0)

The Chicago Blackhawsk travel to Toronto to take on the Maple Leafs in the new look NHL. Goaltender Charlie Gardiner was the first goalie taken in the draft  and was quickly followed Tiny Thompson. Dit Clipper is their best defenseman and position player. 


Toronto - 5
Chicago - 0


1st - Rabbit McVeigh -  Andy Blair, Frank Nighbor
1st - Andy Blair  - Doug Brennen, Johnny Gagnon 
1st - Andy Blair - Slyvio Mantha, Johnny Gagnon 
2nd - Red Beattie - Frank Boucher, Johnny Gagnon
2nd - Andy Blair - Rabbit McVeigh, Ernest Kenney


The Maple Leafs flew out to a 3-0 lead after the 1st period. It was all Toronto from there as they cruised to a 5-0 win. Andy Blair scored 3 goals and had 1 assist for 4 points. He was the 1st star. Rabbit McVeigh opened the scoring and had 1 goal and 1 assist for 2nd star. Johnny Gagnon had 3 assists for 3 star. Tiny Thompson stopped 25 shots in a shutout. 


Preseason Game 2 - Toronto Maple Leafs (1-0-0) @ Chicago Blackhawks (0-1-0)


The back end of the home and home series to start preseason is in Chicago. I'm going to rest a few of my starters if they are tired and give Aikenhead a game because why not its only preseason. Probably expect a lot of push back from Chi-town at home.


Scratches: Red Beattie, Andy Blair, Frank Boucher, Johnny Gagnon
Additions: Herb Cain, Sam McAdam, Reg Noble, Leroy Goldsworthy


Chicago - 2
Toronto - 1


Chicago - 46
Toronto - 20


1st - TOR - Frank Nighbor - Babe Dye, Sylvio Mantha
1st - CHI - Lionel HItchman - Bill Touhey, Cooney Weiland
3rd - CHI - Butch Keeling - Dit Clapper, Nels Stewart


Well this went better than I though. They scored the game winner halfway through the 3rd on a PP. We took a lot of penalties, 24 minutes to be exact but Andy stood tall earning 1st star with 44 saves on 46 shots. Frank Nighbor was 2nd start with a goal and Dit Clapper for Chicago was 3rd with 1 assist. 


Our next game is at home again against Chicago for a 3rd time then the next day we travel to Detroit for a meeting against the Falcons. Stay tuned :)

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Preseason Game 3: Chicago Blackhawks (1-1-0) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (1-1-0)


With the first game of a back to back my whole team is the same as the first game. Hopefully we can take 2/3 from the Blachawks to start the preseason before a rough game against the Falcons in Detroit tomorrow.


CHI - 2
TOR - 1




TOR - 30
CHI - 18


1st, 2:08 - TOR - Taffy Abel - Andy Blair, Rabbit McVeigh
1st, 15:01 - CHI - John Sorrell - Cooney Weiland, Harry Oliver
3rd, 9:47 - CHI - Cooney Weiland - Dit Clapper, Marty Burke


After jumping out to a quick 1-0 we managed to blow it in the 3rd despite outshooting them by 12. We also had two powerplays which we couldnt convert on. Cooney Weiland was named 1st star with 1 G and 1 A. Andy Blair was named 2nd with 1 A and Charlie Gardiner was named 3rd star after making 29 saves of 30 shots. We drop to 1-2 to start the preseason after back to back 2-1 losses.


Preseason Game 4: Toronto Maple Leafs (1-2-0) @ Detroit Falcons (1-2-0)


With another back to back, we travel to Detroit to take on the 1-2 Falcons. They started with a big 5-0 win against the New York Rangers in MSG before coming home to lose 4-1 the next day. The same day we lost to Chicago for the 2nd time, Detroit lost to Montreal Canadiens 8-3. The top players include defenseman Eddie Shore and Ebbie Goodfellow and goaltender Alec Connell. Hopefully we could add to the misery and end out own. The backup Andy Aitkenhead will get the start away from home in the back to back. Plus he played well last time. 


Scratches: Red Dutton, Red Beattie, Hugh Plaxton, Andy Blair, Johnny Gagnon
Additions: George Owen, Max Sutherland, Sam McAdam, Reg Noble, Carson Cooper


Detroit Falcons - 4
Toronto Maple Leafs - 3



Toronto - 40
Detroit - 38


1st, 8:57 - DET - Frank Finnigan - Ebbie Goodfellow, Carl Voss
1st, 9:01 - TOR - Babe Dye - Herb Gardiner, Frank Boucher
2nd, 2:08 - TOR - Reg Noble - Taffy Abel
2nd, 19:04 - DET - Carl Voss - Ebbie Goodfellow, Eddie Shore
3rd, 2:25 - TOR - Frank Boucher - Frank Nighbor, George Owen
3rd, 5:48 - DET - Frank Finnigan - Dave Trottier, Ebbie Goodfellow
3rd, 17:26 - DET - Gerry Carson - Art Coulter, Carl Voss


Well we blew a 2 goal lead in the 3rd but what can you do. It's only preseason, no reason to panick....yet. Carl Voss was 1st star with 1 G and 2 A, Herb Gardiner was 2nd star with 2 A and Ebbie Goodfellow was 3rd star with 3 A. Pretty weird if you ask me how that turned out. Sam McAdam and Sylvio Mantha got into a few fights this game as well as Ernest Kenney who got a game misconduct penalty for cross checking. Something tells me this was a very chippy game and it lives up to the Detroit/Toronto rivalry. 


In our next update, the Montreal Maroons come give us a visit then the next day the Boston Bruins also come to town before we travel to Boston to end the preseason. Hopefully we win out and go 4-3-0 this preseason.

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Preseason Game 5: Montreal Maroons @ Toronto Maple Leafs


Just before the game we learn we will be without 5th overall pick and number 1 center Fran Boucher after he strained a PCL ligament in his knee during practice. Andy Blair would be taking over the number 1 center spot now. Hopefully the 24 YO can handle it. The star player on the Maroons is Charlie Conacher.


Toronto Maple Leafs - 3
Montreal Maroons - 2


Montreal - 41
Toronto - 36


1st, 14:29 - MTM - Johnny Gottselig - Charlie Conacher, Joe Primeau
1st, 16:32 - TOR - Johnny Gagnon - Andy Blair, Red Beattie
3rd, 14:16 - TOR - Rabbit McVeigh - Taffy Abel, Reg Noble
3rd, 16:24 - MTM - Joe Primeau - Ching Johnson, Ken Doraty
OT, 2:48 - TOR - Sylvio Mantha - Red Beattie, Andy Blair


After falling behind, then taking a lead then going to overtime, we have won a game. Montreal gave a good go though. Red Beattie was 1st star with 2 A, Joe Primeau was 2nd star with 1 G and 1 A while Andy Blair was 3rd with 2 A. Tiny Thompson had a very good night with 39 saves. Next up is a visit from Beantown.


Game 6: Boston Bruins @ Toronto Maple Leafs


With injuries you never know so I'm going to play it as safe as I can just before the season starts. Andy Aitkenhead will be getting his 3rd start as well. Boston's best player is a Montreal Canadiens Legend, Aurel Joilat.


Scratches: Red Dutton, Red Beattie, Andy Blair, Rabbit McVeigh
Additions: Ernest Kenny, Hugh Plaxton, Sam McAdam, Leroy Goldsworthy

Toronto - 5
Boston - 2


Boston - 29
Toronto - 27


1st, 6:27 - BOS - Aurel Joliet - Cy Wentworth, Lloyd Klein
3rd, 0:38 - TOR - Frank Nighbor - Herb Gardiner, Taffy Abel
3rd, 10:05 - BOS - Roger Cormier - Leo Bourgeault, Aurel Joilet
3rd, 10:53 - TOR - Hugh Plaxton - Frank Nighbor, Herb Gardiner
3rd, 11:38 - TOR - Babe Dye - Reg Noble, Johnny Gagnon
3rd, 15:21 - TOR - Johnny Gagnon - Ernest Kenney, Doug Brennen
3rd, 18:13 - TOR - George Owen - Sylvio Mantha, Reg Noble


Well that was an unexpected 3rd period. After a very close game we exploded in the 3rd for 5 goals to win 5-2. Frank Nighbor was 1st star with 1 G and 1 A, Johnny Gagnon was 2nd with 1 G and 1 A while Hugh Plaxton was 3rd with 1 G. Aitkenhead made 27 saves and was a big reason we weren't out of the game early. In two days we travel to Boston for the final game of the preseason. 


Preseason Game 7: Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins


Before the game, it was found out that Johnny Gagnon will be out for 4 weeks with a strained bicep. So that sucks as he was our best winger throughout the preseason. Oh well what can you do. Tiny Thompson checks back in and will get the start against the team where he made a name for himself.

Toronto - 2
Boston - 1


Toronto - 36
Boston - 23


1st, 4:23: BOS - Roger Cormier - Bun Cook, Hap Day
1st, 15:13: TOR - Frank Nighbor - Red Dutton, Rabbit McVeigh
3rd, 4:13: TOR - Frank Nighbor - Red Beattoe, Rabbit McVeigh


Another game, another come from behind victory for the Maple Leafs. Frank Nighbor was the 1st star with 2 G,  Hap Day was 2nd with 1 A and Rabbit McVeigh took 3rd star honors with 2 A. Tiny Thompson made 22 saves for the W. 


Regular Season

We have 4 more days until we hit the road for the first game of the Regular Season against the Chicago Blackhawks. We will be without Frank Boucher and Johnny Gagnon who make up 2/3 of our 1st line so it will be interesting to see how it goes. In the next update I will give you a rundown of the roster and how they did in the pre-season. 

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G - Andy Aitkenhead - 3* - 27 YO
G - Tiny Thompason - 4* - 28 YO


D - Taffy Abel - 3* - 31 YO
D - Doug Brennan - 3* - 26 YO
D - Red Dutton - 3.5* - 33 YO
D - Herb Gardiner - 3* - 40 YO
D - George Owen - 2.5* - 30 YO
D - Sylvio Mantha - 3.5* - 29 YO

Scratch: D - Ernest Kenny - 3* - 24 YO


LW - Red Beattie - 3* - 24 YO
LW - Hugh Plaxton - 2.5* - 27 YO
LW - Max Sutherland - 2.5* - 24 YO

Scratch: LW Herb Cain - 2*/4* POT - 18 YO


C - Andy Blair - 3.5* - 23 YO
C - Frank Nighbor - 3* - 38 YO
C - Reg Noble - 3* - 35 YO

Scratch: C - Sam McAdam - 2.5* - 23 YO


RW - Rabbit McVeigh - 3.5* - 33 YO
RW - Leroy Goldsworthy - 3* - 25 YO
RW - Babe Dye - 2.5* - 33 YO

Scratch: RW - Carson Cooper - 2.5* - 32 YO


Injuries: C - Frank Boucher - 4* - 30 YO
RW - Johnny Gagnon - 3.5* - 26 YO


Reserve List: G - Bill Beveridge - 2.5*/3* POT - 22 YO
D - Billy Coutu - 2.5* - 39 YO
LW - Bob Davidson - 2*/3.5* POT - 19 YO
C - Max Kaminsky - 2/3.5* POT - 18 YO
RW - Ian Boyd - 2.5* - 22 YO
RW - Bryan Hextall - 1.5*/3.5* POT - 18 YO

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2 hours ago, flyersfan1493 said:

You play EHM? What would you say the main differences between the two are?

i do play EHM. I'd say EHM is a little more easy to navigate. and its just a bit smoother gameplay. I prefer EHM but FHM is fun for the fact you could play as far back as the 30's. 

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"The NHL Season is about to get underway. The New York Americans are among the top teams and are expected to challenge for the Stanley Cup. They are led by Howie Morenz. They should expect challenges by the Detroit Falcons and the Montreal Canadiens. The darkhorse is the New York Rangers who are led by defenseman Lionel Conacher. 


The scoring race will likely see Howie Morenz come out on top but he will be challenged by Charlie Conacher of the Montreal Maroons and Bill Cook of the New York Rangers. Top defenseman will most likely be won by Detroit Falcons own Eddie Shore but New York Rangers King Clancy and Montreal Canadiens Lionel Conacher will give him a run for his money. Finally, top goaltender will most likely be won by Charlie Gardiner of the Chicago Blackhawks but Toronto Maple Leafs Tiny Thompson and Detroit Falcons Alec Connell will give him a challenge."

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Regular Season Game 1: Toronto Maple Leafs @ Chicago Blackhawks


We open the season with a trip to face the Chicago Blackhawks. They beat us in two games in the preseason each being 2-1 but we beat them 5-0 in the first ever game in the "New NHL". This should be a good one.


Toronto - 4
Chicago - 1


TOR - 35
CHI - 20


1ST - CHI - 10:08 - Dit Clapper (1) - Bert McInenly (1), Lionel Hitchman (1)
1ST - TOR - 13:32 (PP) - Frank Nighbor (1) - Babe Dye (1) 
2ND - TOR - 7:16 (PP) - Babe Dye (1) - George Owen (1), Red Beattie (1)
2ND - TOR - 19:47 - Hugh Plaxton (1) - Slyvio Mantha (1), Leroy Goldsworthy (1)
3RD - TOR - 19:41 - ENG - Frank Nighbor (2) - Hugh Plaxton (1), Leroy Goldsworthy (2)


Toronto came out an dominated this game from the opening minute. They ended up getting 9 shots before Chicago got 1 but they scored on just their 2nd shot of the game. However, Toronto would score 4 unanswered goals and win the game 4-1. Frank Nighbor was 1st star with 2 G, Leroy Goldsworthy was 2nd with 2 A and Hugh Plaxton was 3rd with 1 G and 1 A. Tiny Thompson made 19 saves in the win while Charlie Gardiner made 31 saves on 34 shots. 

In other games, the New York Americans beat the Detroit Falcons 4-0 while the New York Rangers beat the Montreal Canadiens 4-3. 



1. New York Americans - 2 PTS
2. New York Rangers - 2 PTS
3. Toronto Maple Leafs - 2 PTS
4. Montreal Maroons - NO GP
5. Boston Bruins - NO GP
6. Montreal Canadiens - 0 PTS
7. Chicago Blackhawks - 0 PTS
8. Detroit Falcons - 0 PTS


Next up we face the 0-1-0 Montreal Canadiens and they look to pick up their 1st win of the season while we look to extend out 1 game win streak :P 

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ok after a break because of life. we are back and instead of 1 game updates I will move to 1 month updates. but first, the game crashed and it got to just after pre-season so I have to play the Chicago game again. 


Toronto Maple Leafs @ Chicago Blackhawks


Chicago 3
Toronto 0


Chicago 32 shots
Toronto 27 shots


Butch Keeling - Ott Heller, Nels Stewart
Cooney Weiland - Georges Mantha, Dit Clapper
Bill Touhey - Nels Stewart 


Well this was not a good start this time around after getting the win in the first game. This time Chuch Gardiner shuts the door makings 27 saves for the shutout and Nels Stewart has 2 assists. 


In our next game, we travel from Chicago to Montreal to face the Canadiens who have beaten the New York Rangers 5-2 in their last game. 


Toronto Maple Leafs 0 PTS (0-1-0) @ Montreal Canadiens 2 PTS (1-0-0)


Montreal 5

Toronto 3


Montreal 31 shots
Toronto 20 shots


Rosie Couture - Sam Godin
Red Horner - Larry Aurie
Red Beattie (1) - Hugh Plaxton (1), George Owen (1)


Rosie Couture - Marty Barry, Baldy Northcutt
Babe Dye (1) - Red Beattie (1), Frank Nighbor (1)


Larry Aurie - Marty Berry, Andy Bellemer

Tom Cook - Red Horner, Lionel Conacher
Geroge Owen (1) - Rabbit McVeigh (1), Andy Blair (1)


Well, that wasn't a very good performance. We wer down early as Tiny Thompson let in 2 goals on the first 6 shots but he kind of picked it up from there I guess? Red Beattie scores the first goal of the "new" NHL for the Maple Leafs. Roy Worters of the Canadiens reached the 100 career wins plateau as well in this game. 


In our next game we return home to the play the Chicago Blackhawks who have since been shutout by the New York Americans 3-0. Hopefully we pick up a much needed 2 points. 


Chicago Blackhawks 2 PTS (1-1-0) @ Toronto Maple Leafs 0 PTS (0-0-0)


Toronto 5
Chicago 3


Toronto 38 shots

Chicago 26 shots


Frank Nighbor (1) - Max Sutherland (1)
Leroy Goldsworthy (1) - Frank Nighbor (2)


Andy Blair (1) - Rabbit McVeigh (1)
Frank Nighbor (2) - Red Beattie (2)
Harry Oliver - Burr Williams


Dit Clapper - Ed Jerimiah, Nels Stewart
Butch Keeling - Bert McInenly, John Sorrell
Red Beattie (2) - Herb Gardiner (1), Andy Blair (2)


We almost blew a 4-0 lead but a ENG goal sealed the victory in our first home game. Frank Nighbor was promoted to the 2nd line and he responded with 2 goals and

1 assist. Chicago showed plenty of fight to make it a 4-3 game and pushed hard for the final goal in the last 6 minutes. Oh well, on the the next one.


In our next game, we travel to the Big Apple to face the 1-3-0 New York Rangers who just picked up their first win against the Boston Bruins. 


Toronto Maple Leafs 2 PTS (1-2-0) @ New York Rangers 2 PTS (1-3-0)


New York Rangers 4
Toronto Maple Leafs 3


New York 38 shots

Toronto 30 shots


King Clancy - Alex Levinsky, Earl Robinson
Busher Jackson - Pit Lepine, Bill Cook


Red Beattie (3) - George Owen (2), Babe Dye (1)

Andy Blair (2) - Rabbit McVeigh (3)

Busher Jackson - Bill Cook, Harold Starr


Jack Pratt - Earl Robinson, Ted Graham
Taffy Abel (1) - Leroy Goldsworthy (1), Andy Blair (3)


We fell behind 2-0 then we started the 3rd 2-2 but two goals by New York proved too much for us to catch up on. Taffy Abel made it 4-3 with 3 minutes left but Mike Karakas shut the door. Harvey "Busher" Jackson had two goals for 1st star honors. 


Our next game, Montreal Canadiens are going to pay us a visit in Toronto. They are 2-3-0 with a loss to the Boston Bruins.


Montreal Canadiens 4 PTS (2-3-0) @ Toronto Maple Leafs 2 PTS (1-3-0)


Doug Brennan picked up a day to day injury and wasn't feeling 100% by the time the game rolled around so I scratched him and put Ernest Kenny in the lineup. I also

scratched Hugh Plaxton and dressed Sam McAdam just to change things up.


Montreal 5
Toronto 0


Toronto 21 shots

Montreal 20 shots


Stewart Evans - Tom Cook


Tom Cook - Wildor Larochelle, Yip Foster
Sam Godin - Albert Leduc, Gene Carrigan

Red Horner - Rosie Couture, Gene Carrigan


Red Horner- Wildor Larochelle


Yup. That's what happened. We lost 5-0 and I'm not very happy. most of all that 2/3 of our 1st line is still hurt. 


Next game, we travel to Boston to face the 3-2-1 Bruins who just lost to Chicago. Seems like these teams have bounce back games against us. 


Toronto Maple Leafs 2 PTS (1-4-0) @ Boston Bruins 7 PTS (3-2-1)


Tiny Thompson isn't helping out cause so far this year with a 4.00 G.A.A and a .863 save percentage so I'm going to give Andy Aitkenhead a start in the last game of the month. 


Boston 3
Toronto 1


Boston 30 shots
Toronto 26 shots


Red Beattie (4) - Frank Nighbor (3), George Owen (3)


Normie Himes - Aurel Joilet
Bill Brydge - Aurel Joilet, Mush March
Lloyd Klein - Bill Brydge, George Patterson


After Beattie scored his 4th of the year, it looked like all was going good until the 2nd period where in 8 minutes the Bruins scored 3 goals. No scoring in the 3rd meant we lost obviously. 




Well a 1-5-0 record in the first month is not great at all. The only good news is that Frank Boucher is going to be back in two more days and Johnny Gagnon in 3. We are currently 7th in the NHL only based on 1 less game played as Detroit also has 2 points but are 1-6-0. The New York Americans are undefeated at 6-0-0 and are tops in the league. Red Beattie leads the team in points and goals with 4 goals and 6 points. Frank Nighbor and Andy Blair are 2nd with 5 points each. Tiny Thompson is 1-4-0 4.03 G.A.A and a .864 save percentage. Aitkenhead isn't much better with a 3.07 G.A.A, and a .900 save percentage with a 0-1-0 record. Overall not a very good month for us.

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