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Turku Outlaws Jerseys

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The template is the Dallas Stars sweaters.


This is v2.


I plan to have more fun later and change it more.. Also might make alternates.. Take a look and please send me suggestions! Thanks!


Home Sweater: wo9v.jpg


Away Sweater:



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Try a white C on the home jerseys. The aways are spiffy...


Ya i wasn't sure about the black C.. ill try white on V2.. haha thanks! i think the colors work the best on the away in this set


maybe find a way to bring out the logo on the home jerseys, like another white outline on the logo or something


also, Turku Outlaws ;)


hmmm.. okay.. ill try that on v2… Crud my bad.. rookie mistake.. it won't let me fix the title though :/ sorry about that

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