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let me know some of your favorite sigs that I made during that time !


for me, it would be those


7SORwFrn_o.png (font work was great and efx were nice as well)

83oebXwT_o.png (great composition and colors overall)

Z8dvuNfW_o.jpg (even tho the jpg compression didn't help, I like the layering effect and the text on it)

DdT6gfHc_o.png (super clean, I liked the simple concept and the render, he lighting was great imo)

XnrSvvO.png (one of the first sig that I made that most people liked (even non gfx people))

mqytgzI.png (render efx were really great, good contrast and colors)

iyq6ppr4_o.png (even tho it's a little bit too bright, I feel like this one was simple, abstract and effective (super old sig as well))

VozNNBCn_o.png (I wasn't very good with the smudge tool, but this one had a great flow and unique efx)








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My personal favorites of yours:



Love the lighting, colors, and text on this one so much.  Always been a fan of your lighting but this one is especially good combined with the text/effects.  (IIRC this might have been an open collab from a sig tournament back in the day or something?  I remember seeing Koradek made a sig with the same render and similar layout)



The colors, text, stock(s) used, and layout, this is all just really good. 



Really unique composition that you don't normally see in sigs, and I feel like the lighting and blur effect make this all fit together perfectly.



I could have picked almost any sig you made for a Stockholm player since they're basically all fire.  But I absolutely love the texture of this sig, as well as the subtle colors.  Maybe my favorite of yours?


Hard to pick favorites, so much of this is really good tbh.  Too many to choose from haha

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